Mystical world

Whether this may be true or not, in a world somewhere, whether it’s just in tv shows, in reality or in a land that humans have yet to discover,  heart-break can cause death.

“Described as one of the wisest and fairest beings – Fae – Fey – they possess longevity, yet can die of common causes like wounds, but invulnerable to poison and can heal wounds more easily than mortals. They have strange vulnerabilities, though, which can lead to death for them but not for us, like, sadly enough… a broken heart. They have a very playful nature, and more Fae die every Millenia thanks to them falling in love with a mortal they only set out to mess around with. You can tell they have died through a broken heart because the spot where the heart is placed under the skin and muscle turns black and as do their veins. They die with the look of love in their eyes and tears on their cheeks. The sight is terrifyingly sad and beautiful. Only very few Mortals have seen their mythical loves like this and most afterwards are left in such a mental state that they adopt the idea that they are not worthy of living, as they have hurt someone enough to death. They usual die the cruel death of suicide. This cannot be helped, because unless it was the Last Wish of the faerie to save this particular mortal, the rest of the fae cannot interrupt the natural cycle of the mortals life, even though it has already been touched by the magic of the Fay.”








To love so deeply can sometimes result in great tragedy, if asked they would likely say they did not regret it, but is that because they don’t know what life “could” have been like otherwise? Who knows? Mystical world surrounds us all, whether humans, fae, ghost, souls or non humans


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