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The first Drama I’m going to review is the one that I haverecentlyjust finish watching:

D.I.E (Death Investigation Extension) 古靈精探

I give it 3.5 out of 5


Roger Kwok – Yue Chi-Long (于子朗)

Sonija Kwok – Ying Ching-Ching (刑晶晶)

Margie Tsang – Yue Chi-Ching (于子晴)

Kenneth Ma – Hugo Shing Ka-Tsun(成家雋)

Derek Kwok – Cheung Zing-Yi (張正義)

Kitty Yuen- Ng Siu Yi (吳小宜)

Story: The title comes from the special new police unit formed, Death investigation extension, but it’s actually a group used to put in members of the police force that their police colleagues did not want to work with, so it ended up having 5 police members. The cases that they have to solve are ones that have been unsolved through many years due to not enough witness, evidences so it’s the difficult cases.  One of the guys in D.I.E Yue Chi-Long  has a special ability. In that when he touches anything belonging to the person who has been murdered, he gets a little fragment of help to solvethecase, however when he goes into this “state” his body looses control of itself so he ends up doing weird things. like the picture below.

At the start those in D.I.E do not get along very well especially  Yue Chi-Long and Ying Ching-Ching but as time goes by they find outmore about each other and start to work well together and solve quite a few cases. However Ching-Ching focus too much on her work and does not spend enough time with her longterm boyfriend Hugo who is a very young but talented police too. Eventually he cheats on her with another girl, and when she finds out she is shattered, (below is a picture of when she finds out he cheated on her) but Yue chi long supports her through this tough time. And he starts to realise that he is falling in love with her but he thought that she still liked her old boyfriend so he did not want to step in, but he was drank one night and told her how he felt and then then they started to go out after she told him she felt the same.

Yue Chi Long cares a lot for his sister YueChi-Ching which  results in him being very judgment on all her past boyfriend, hence she is still single. Ironically enough she and her  aunt open a dating agency but  she herself cant find love. That is until she meets Cheung Zing-Yi, he falls in love with her  as soon as he meets her butheis too shy so does not tell her. below is a picture of him imagining them together.

When he finally tells her how he feelings, they are faced with the  problem of her brother finding out, so they hide their relationship for sometime. When Yue chi Long  doesfind out first he is angry and felt betrayed but  after talking to his sister he finally accepts them.

D.I.E help solve lots of cases that were left unsolved for many years, and everyone in that force develops as the drama goes on.





The original ending sparked complainants from audience, because Yue Chi Long  dies, when he gets run over by a lorry when trying  to save Ching Ching…Many did not like this ending, so they had a vote and majority  of audience voted for a happy ending. Which we see this girl ghost that was introduced duringthedrama help them turn back time, just before he dies, so that they try and  prevent it. I personally found this part quite odd and someone random….But  after  some difficulties they manage to prevent his death. And we see Ching Ching  and him having a son, who seem quite big and healthy, and the girl ghost reveals that she fed him a bowl of rice before he as born into the world. Hmmm….i found the first “sad” ending  a little bit depressing  but we tend to remember depressing  and shocking ending, butI can understand  why  people wanted a happy ending. The Happy ending was a bit cheesy and very random, to be honest I dont know which one i prefer i guess you would have to watch it yourself to decide, but remember to let me know.

~Roger Kwok’s  performance in this drama was quite good, at the beginning it annoyed me when he went into the state when he touched the victims stuff, because it seemed a bit stupid and childish, but after a while i sort of got use to it. The way he acted out Yue Chi Long  was  good  because he showed the sensitive, funny, caring side but also acted out the withdrawal stage quite well( when he was scared that him and Ching Ching being together will eventually kill her, so he pulled away)

~ Many have said that Sonija  Kwok was transformed because of this series. This I also agree on, but before this series I quite liked her actingtoo. But I think many did not like her much before hand because in the past most the roles she played in series where the “bad” character the “third person” which gaveher a bad public view. However I think if someone playinga bad character makes you sort of dislike them, this can only mean that they acted that role really good. This role she was in was the “good” character andtheleadingfemalecharacter, so we see her in a more positive light. And the way she plays Ching Ching was very well, because it was sweet, workaholic, loveable….So Im glad many have changed their view on her.

~Margie Tsang’s acting was very good as the older sister, because it was realistic, and believeable  there  was a chemistry between her and Roger. And her chemistry with Derek Kwok  was also very sweet. I have not seen Margie in any series before butI quite like her in this serie and would love to see her in more.

~Derek Kwok has started to get more parts in series, which I think is really cool, because he is a good actor. In this series he gets to use his fighting skills which is nice  see, but i dont understand why he has to constantly eat a lollipop, it just makes his role as a policeman very unprofessional and fake because when do you see a policeman do that. ButI guess it’s not his fault. His character is quite likeable  though, because he is loyal, honest, caring and I think Derek portrayed this well.

~Kenneth  Ma  isreally good at acting police type of role. Even though he cheated on Ching Ching, we donthate him because part of us can understand why he did it, and when he regrets it we as audience forgivehim too, because when we lookinto his eyes we feel he really has learnt his lesson, which means that Kenneth acted out the character very well.

Below are a few mix pictures from the drama.

Gossip and information in regards to the drama:

~ After this drama Kenneth Ma started dating Margie who was quite a few years older than him, but it did not last long, according to reports her son did not like him.

~ I also noticed somethingabit weird andfunny thing, 3 of the main characters have the surname Kwok.

~ When Roger’s wife gave birth to a son, Sonija became the Godmother of his son.

~ This drama has very high rating beating  several drama rating during  the  time  it  was broadcast. with rating of: Week 4 (Ep. 16-20): 34 points (peaking at 37)
Week 5 (Ep. 21-25): 37 points (peaking at 44)

The Seventh Day ~ . 最美麗的第七天


Kevin Cheng – YauChi Wing

Niki Chow – Ling Ka Yan

Bosco Wong – Hui Wai Yan

Natalie Tong- Wong Chi Kwan

I give this drama a 4 out of 5

This drama’s main focus is on two guys[ Wing and Don] who are born on the same day, of the same year, [7thAugust] but havevery different personality. Don is more childish, seems
to care more about playingand gettingrichtheeasy way, whereas Wing is more serious, and had a much more difficult life.
We know this through a painter who paints this and also says some very interesting phrases about the two different guys. Below is a picture of his drawing

Both guys meet their future wife on the way into the island, at the vending machine. But with different result initially:

-Wing and Yun   has  some misunderstanding  the  first time they meet, when she was trying to get a drink from the vending   machine   but the drink does not come out and  then  he comes along and manages to get a drink, and she thought that he took her drink but actually her one later came out too.

-Whereas Don and Sasa took a liking to each other because he gives her his drink when there were no more left in the vending machine.

Niki and Kevin:

– After a few mis-understanding Yun    eventually realises that Wing    is  actually   a good guy who is always helping out his friends. And after a few encounters she falls for him.

– But at the beginningng   he was a bit annoying   becausehe did not seem to care much about her, andwas a really bad boyfriend, but after 7th August when they started going outofficiallyafter she told him to meet under the wishing tree for his birthday andthey celebrated together he started to treat her like a proper girlfriend

– Viewers could see that they truly love each other very deeply from ep 12 onwards when Yun       when       to     japan to find Wing, and we can tell he really loved her when he wrote his wishes on the paper at the temple in japan.

<-Yun  goes to Japan to find Wing

-Niki and Kevin’s character are very sweet together, the two of them have a very strong chemistry on screen, just seeing them two together just makes you smile. I guess we also feel they have  a strong bond because they were a couple in two other TVB drama hard fate and under the canopy of love. So the third serie just shows an even strengthen bond. I can understand why there are rumours that they are going out for real in real life

<–Yun      and Wing with dog Jack

Natalie and Bosco:

Don originally started dating Sasa because he thought that she was rich butin fact the rich girl was Sasa’s friend. He thought that he can get his “ number one bucket of gold through her” And Sasawent out with Don to get ideas for the animethatshe was drawingforwork. So they both set out because of advantages for themselves not because of feelings or love. However as life is never so simple, they end up falling for each other. Just then they find out each other’s motivefor getting together and subsequently split up, even though they now really have feelings for each other. Andt hen Sasa’s friend the rich girl[Jessie] starts to like Don.

And after some time he starts to date Jessie. Butlife always messes with you. Don wanted to earn his first bucket of gold at the start of the drama but towards the end he gets the chance to go out with a sweet girl, who is also rich and can get him his first bucket of gold but then it is not how he thought it would be. Because he has already realised that he actually loves Sasa!

<–Don and Sasa     thinking of each other

-I like the funny and catchy phrases that the drama has such as..

“yau ngor don gor, d lui sil hor hor”, and “Chut Duk lay lo ja ng hor yee say no”

– I       love    it      whenit shows what the characters are thinking, it makes it even funny. Especially when Don and Sasa does        itwhen they are dating each other

Bosco and Natalie’s character are immature and childish in a fun and cute way at the start. Their chemistry between the two was quite good together. Bosco played a character he does not normally play, completely different to the one he played in under the canopy of love. And I have grown to like Natalie as a actress in this drama.

<-Sasa and Don in Japan

Final few episodes highlight parts:

-Episodes 15 made me cry when Niki found out that she was ill, even though I expected it to happen, when it did, it somehow made me feel quite down and tears were in my eyes.

Ep17 this was the first time yun told wing     face to face that it was over, but could he not tell she did not really mean it, she could not in look him in his eyes and    say    it.. it was heartbreaking seeing       them both in so much pain. But I feel for yun much more because she is not only going from being ill but also suffering a break up, she should not have to deal with both of this at the same time.

-In episode 17 when wing     was demanding to see yunafter she broke up with him,because she did not want him to haveto see her get ill as she knew it would break his heart a lot. It was so emotional watching him trying    to get her to come outto talk to him and her in her room crying because you know that at a time like this she really wanted him to be by her side and support her butshe could not tell him…even her dad knew they both loved each other so much at this point(he previously did not like the idea that Yun  and Wing were going out)…. Anditwas so sweet when he designed the house for the competition using what yunsaidshewanted as a dream house… And then there was the part when he sent her an email after a week of not seeing     her and he told her what he had been up to, and showed her the pictures of their dream house, and saying    that he had not stopped thinking        about      her and could not live without her. It was so emotional that I had tears in my eyes. I’m not someone that gets emotional very easily, but boththeir acting      was so good, and the words were so strong        and touching, that I could not help getting teary. Also because you havefollowed their relationship from the very start you feel you understand it better, so hence feel the pain they are going through!

Ep 17 don and sasa’s eye contract said it all. She had planned to leave HK to study in Japan, but      they bothstill had very strong feelings for each other. For once it did not feel like they were childish but truly in love….. but I also feel very sorry for jessie, because she did not do anything wrong, but then  from the start don and sasawere going out first!  Butthen she deleted the message which was quite wrong.

-ep18 wing    finds out      about yun’s illness, butto be honest I don’t think Kevin’s actingfor that particular part was that good because he did not reacted that much to the news. Maybe he was suppose to show a delayed response or something.

<-Wing proposing to Yun

– Yuntries to tell Wing       why she lied to him and broke up withhim after finding outabout her illness, butthe thingis has she ever thought, even if she dies he will find out and will evenutally figure out that she did all that because of him and then he will feel EVEN worse because he was not there to support her or see her for the last time…

-Ep19 when bothguys find out    that         their other half is pregnant, its extra special for Wing and Yun because it took them a long time to get this baby. Below is a picture of when he finds out that she is pregnant

-Ep20 ~ ending. I don’t know why but     I      expected it to be a very depressing ending    for wing and yun mainly because she had an illness that could not be cured. But it was better than I expected, I was actually quite satisfy withthe ending, because at least they managed to have a child and she survived for fiveyearstoseeher daughter grow up a bit. So even though it was a tragic ending it was not too extreme.

As for Don and Sasa, I’m glad they finally got together in the end…

Overall I really enjoyed watching this drama, its been a while since I’ve beenvery happy with a TVB drama  AND it’s ending. Because there has been too many TVB drama that has predictable endings, and     I       guess to some extent sad endingmakes it more memorable and you “feel” more. Not that I’m saying Yun should have died but I think I accepted this ending more, because I expected it to be worse, andtheymade it seem like she was goingto die when she was going to have that operation so when she did not I ended up feeling relived. Because as least she had 5 years with Wing and her daughter.

Other general things:

Yun’s dog, Jack was so cute, smart, it was a delight watching him. One of the smartest dogs I’ve ever seen. He done stuff like made her happy when she was sad, opened the tap for her, got help when she was in trouble. Such a sweet dog I wish I had one like that ^_^

First episode I thought this drama seemed a bit like under the canopy of love, the way it showed the drawing, so I looked it up and it was produced by the same peson[ Amy Wong]. But this one is a tragic romance drama.

And I love the snowy scenes in japan, it really sets the scene and much more romatic and nice to watch ^_^

Also like the way how there is the painter who draws and says some very cool phrases

– The 4 rings were also very special the ones that Wing gave to Niki to symbolise the different stages of their relationship

One of my fav     drama this year so far I would give it a 4 outof5 stars. ^_^ Worth watching!!!

Below are some mix pictures that I put together

Forensic Heroes II ~ 法證先鋒II


  • Bobby Au-Yeung ~ Ko Yin Bok 高彥博 (Tim)
  • Frankie Lam ~ Koo Chak Sum 古澤琛 (Sam)
  • Linda Chung~ Lam Ding Ding 林汀汀
  • Kevin Cheng ~ Yeung Yat Sing 楊逸升 (Ivan)
  • Charmaine Sheh ~ Ma Kwok Ying 馬幗英 (Bell)
  • Yoyo Mung ~ Leung Siu Yau 梁小柔 (Nicole)
  • Florence Kwok ~ Mok Suk Nuen 莫淑媛 (Yvonne)
  • Raymond Cho ~ Shum Hung 沈雄
  • I give this drama a 3.5 out of 5

    This drama is a continuation from the first series of Forensic Heroes which was broadcastedin 2006, because of the high rating of series 1, TVB decided to make a second series. And in my view that was a good decision.

    Drama Introduction & Information:

    ~This series continued from series one. So Tim Sir and Madam Leungare going out, and Sam & Ding Ding are engaged! Andtheyare still all working together to solvecrimes. This series like the first involves many different cases which last around 3-4 episodes, in which we see the police force andforensicscientist in action. Working together to solvethecases. I really enjoy watching these parts because it teaches us lots of things, and it breaks down the process the criminals go through so we see every stepof their actions andwhat caused them to get caught, hence to me this is very intriguing. In Forensic Heroes 2 we see quite a few new arrives, most significantly were Charmaine( Bell) and Kevin ( Ivan).

    ~ So this drama basically shows the activities of the police and forensic scientist working together to solve a range of cases. Within that it manages to included the love life, day to day life of the forensic heroes.


    ~ Tim Sir and Madam Leung: Hmm…I personally dont think that there is a huge chemistry between these two. It’s more of a on and off one, sometimes they seem like a sweet couple but then other times they dont. Having said that though, this series needs them, because its like they have been here from the start anditwont be complete without the two off them. I was s a bit sadden when Madam Leungwentto London, because it was like the drama writer could not think of anything for her character to do so just put it down as she went to London to study. But I was very happy they FINALLY got married!!!

    ~ Sam and Ding Ding: they were like the perfect couple. Very adorable and sweet together. I found Frankie and Linda’s acting and chemistry together quite good. Seeing them both smile made me smile with them, and I really wanted them to get together. I was well shocked when Ding Ding died, and Sam’s reaction after was very well done, because it was extremely emotional.

    Ivan and Bell ~ They had a good chemistry together. From the start it seemed that he loved her more ut as time progress she fell for him much deeper!! Their scenes together were a delight to watch.
    It was quite sad when Ivan got injured and Bell sat by his bed remember all their happy times together below is a picture of her flashback! Charmaine’s acting for this screen I thought was very good, very emotional and heartbreaking. This is when we as audience see that now she truly loved Ivan.

    Bell and Sam ~ had a secret feeling for each other, they never really said it, but we can see it through their actions which lead to a relatively strong connection. This was mainly due to their past similarity, where the person that they love had died and they dont know if they could loveagain. So they were kind of like each other’s support, to get back on track and fall in lovea     gain!! Which lead to them forming  a strong   bond, Bell even confident in Sam about her past which she had not even told Ivan! Butit was not meant to be, because Sam did not want to steal his best friend’s girlfriend, and Bell slowly realised how much Ivan cared for her and         thatfact that she was falling deeply in love with him.

    Tim Sir, Sam and Ivan ~ Had a strong friendship bond. And it was fun watching them hanging out in the living room just chatting away and joking around. And it is sweet to see that no matter what problems arise they always help each other out!!

    Police Force team~ I enjoyed watching         Raymond’scharacter because he was very entertaining and funny, I think he should havegotbigger part in the drama. We see how his character changed from being a “watever” guy to someone who enjoys life! His relationship with Yvonne was like a mix match butitworked because they had funny little bickering!! Formula and Wilson had a small part in the drama and their performance was ok.
    My other opinions on the drama:
    Overall this series lived up to the first one. It kept many of the old characters and added  new ones which ensures that sparkles would fly high again. I enjoying watching this series, its like the chinese version of CSI!!  I would say this is worth watching if your a fan of any of the actors andactresses, or if you enjoyed the first series! However I was quite disappointed withthelast 10minutes of the ending. Because it was sooooovery cheesy, when they all find out that Ivan woke up so they all “ran” to the hospital, this part made me have goosebumps it was so bad, kinda of spoilt the whole drama. But having said that all the other eposides made up for the badly written 10minsof the ending
    I personally would give this drama a 3.5 out of 5!!!!

    A Journey called Life ~金石良緣


    Kent Cheng as Kam Shek 金石

    Steven Ma as Sing Yat On 成日安

    Linda Chung as Sze Ka Ka 施嘉嘉

    Fala Cheng as Sing Mei Sum 成美心

    Raymond Cho as Kam Wing Loi 金永來

    Mary Hon as Ho Bo Ling 何寶玲

    Ma Hoi Lun as Yeung Dai Fun 楊大芬

    I give this drama 4 out of 5

    At the beginning when I saw the opening song to this drama, I thought it was going to be one of those cheesy drama. But I’m glad I gave it another chance. Because after the first few episodes my views had completely changed and I was totally addicted to this drama.

    This was due to the characters and the storyline.

    This drama deals with serious day to day situations. It shows the importance of families, love, hope, makingtheright decisions, dealing with consquences of your actions, andabove all the journey of life, hence the name….

    Kent Cheng

    ~ Like most of his drama, he plays the smart and wise guy. And is once again very convincing. He is the one who puts everyone back into their place when a problem arises. His chemistry with Steven, Linda and his wife in the drama is very good. And is very enjoyable to watch especially when his joking around.

    Steven Ma

    ~ His character really test Steven’s acting skills, and he passed, because he played the sensible, reliable and responsible guy. (which are the type of roles he normally does) but in this drama he had to constantly play very upset and heart broker towards the end, which I felt he did quite well….


    ~ great performance, I liked the different personality she had at the start and at the end, from bad to good. At the start we see her as extremely rebellious she did really well portraying this personality, and was very believeable. Withher revealing clothes, the way she talked and body language. Then we see her find her mothers ashes and we see another side to her and much more sensitve side. I must admit I had tears in my eyes when she found her mother’s ashes. From then onwards her character started to change and become better. Linda is really good at the emotional roles ( first seen that in heart of greed) I have now grown to like Linda as she has shown she can act in a variety of characters types.

    Steven and Linda

    ~ both very sweet and adorable as a couple, he secretly had a crush on her after he got to know her more, but was scared she did not feel the same. Steven acted out these bits very well, because he showed he cared a lot for her and was constantly by her side. They finally got together in ep14… I thought it was very heart warming on his birthday when she kissed him.


    ~ She is currently one of TVB’s newly developing actress, and havebeen casted in quite a few popular series. Her performance in this drama shows why she is very popular. She is a very talented actress. We see how she portrays a role of being a woman who just wants to marry a rich man, anddoes everythingto succeed. Even going against her family’s wishes andbreaking their heart. To a woman who learns that money cannot buy love, and learningfromher mistakes. Her acting throughoutthis drama is very convincingng.


    ~ He is a actor that I quite like( due to healinghands 3), and personally I think he should get more main male actor roles… In this drama he was the 3rd main male character, which I was quite happy about. He played a guy who only wanted to be rich, yes you got it right the ideal boyfriend for Fala’s character, which was the case because they were a couple for quite a long time, and he really did loveher. Raymond’s character was quite flexible because he was often strong willed, but then weak at times, and there were also quite a few emotional scenes which I thought he did quite well…

    I think the racing/running was quite symbolic, because I think its trying to say that life is like running, you have to pace yourself, at the start it might be relatively easy but as you run on (grow up) things change it gets harder, but if you keep pacing yourself and keep running ( life will get better and give you what you deserve) And by the end of the race ( your journey in life) you will feel that it was all worth it and your hard work pays off!!

    This drama was very entertaining and worth watching because it is really realistic and sets out to teach us the reality of life. It was at times quite raw ( with the many deaths that were in the drama, rape issues and teenage pregnancy) but this is the truth about life today. And it managed to teach that in life you go through many different journeys and have to deal with whatever life throws at you, but its not always bad, and there is always hope and happiness. I would give this drama a 4 out of 5 and a must watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Speech Of Silence 《甜言蜜語

    I give this drama 2.5 out of 5


    Kenneth Ma ~ Leung Kai Yin( OK Jai)

    Kate Tsui ~ Tong Tong

    Claire Yiu ~ Yuen Siu Na ( Na Jer)

    Kingdom Yuen ~ Leung Lai Yu

    Lau Dan ~ Leung Kai Po

    Chris Lai ~ Cheung Yau (Ha gi Mien)

    Elaine Yiu ~ Kary

    Stephen Huynh ~ Herbert


    This drama is about a young woman (Tong Tong) adaptingto life being semi deaf. This was due to an accident when she was young. Her mother had left her step father for another man. And he was so depressed that he just kept getting drunk. One day he accidently knock’sover a bottle in the kitchen over the stove. Buthe fell asleep when the fire started to spread. Tong Tong just a young aged, struggled to get her step father and siblings out butmanaged in the end. however she ended up gettingstuck inside when the house exploded so she looses most of her hearing. However she did not hate her family for this and she grew up being very postive and happy.

    She later works as a voice over for drama at a company part owned by leung lai yu. Where she meets Ok Jai. At first they did not hit it off very well. Butafter getting to know him well Tong Tong realises that she has slowly fallen in love with him. But because she was too shy and was also scared that he did not feel the same way she kept it to herself. At the same time another of the voice over actress in the company ( Na jer) also starts to fall for Ok Jai.

    During one occassion when Tong Tong and Ok Jaiwere alone she thought he was listening to some music so could not hear her. So this came her courage to tell him how she felt. Butnot knowing that he could actually her. He laters declares his lovefor her too. They start going outand things seem to be going well. Until Tong Tong’s sister Kary got tricked by OK Jai’s uncle Herbert and her family thought she wanted to commit suicide. Tong Tong goes to help her and accidentlygets injured and her head hits the floor. Resultingin a total lost of hearing.

    She now totally looses hope in life and breaks up with OK Jai to his devastation. Ok Jai tries to encourage her and get her through it……….

    Kenneth Ma

    ~ His performance in this drama was like his name “OK” It was not extremely challenaging. Butit was fun to watch him. I like it when he does the “puppy eyes” it does melt your heart! I think this was one of the time that he was the main main leading actor in a drama. So for a first time it was quite good.

    Kate Tsui

    ~ I have not always been a very big fan of her. Butthis drama has given her more room to show her acting abilities. She is quite good in this drama. Stil not really one of my fav actresses butshe is growing on me slowly. I like the way she has putlots of effort in this drama. Her cryinghas improved a lot since the drama the brink of law! Personally I think for the first time beingthe leading female actress Kate has done quite well.

    Claire Yui

    ~ I really enjoy watching her.  She is very talented, and has gained lots of acting experience from previous drama’s. You see her crying in the drama and you think yep this is the real thing. I think Kate should learn from her a bit more. I fink Claire deserves more screen time and more leading roles.

    This drama reminds us that we take lots of things for granted. We assume that we are suppose to have sight, smell, hearing, touch, speech. But that is not the case for every one. There are some people who don’t have this. And the world for them is a very different place.

    When a Dog loves a Cat ~ 當狗愛上貓

    I give this series 3 out of 5


    -Gallen Lo as Miu Jun 苗隼

    -Myolie Wu as Chow Chow 周自喻

    – David Lui as Chow Tze Tsim 周自沾

    – Margie Tsang as Sui Tin Lan 水天蘭

    -Bernice Liu as Man Chi Kei 文梓淇

    -Raymond Wong as Carson 應海亮


    This drama as you can tell from the drama title is aboutcats and dogs or more specify about pets and people. Chow Chow (Myolie Wu) is someone who loves animals. A few years ago she found a dog who was homeless, Dai Ba. But it turned out he was ill and had a deadly virus which spreadedamongst other dogs in Chow Chow’s father’s dog kennel. Causing her family to loose their dog kennel.

    A few years later fate onces again leads her to meet Dai Ba’s brother Sai Ba on the street she takes him in butbecause her father hates homeless dogs she decides to keep him in the house next door to hers which currently is empty.

    Chow Chow starts work at an advertising company called Raptor where she meets Mui Chun ( GallenLo) who is very hard to get along with. And he hates dogs. From the start him and Chow Chow clash. And matters get worse when he moves in next door to her and she finds out that he was actually the one who actually abadoned Dai Ba. But by then Mui Chun had to keep Sai Bu even though he was extremely reluctunt because he needed Sai Bu for a commericalat work, and his boss forced him to take care and keep Sai Bu at his house.

    We soon find outthe truth about why Mui Chu hates dogs, it was because his financee tried to save their dog Dai Bu who nearly got ran over by a car, butas a result of saving the dog she gets hit by a car and dies.  This hurt and changed him immenslybecause she was the light of his life. Because during his time in hospital when he suffered nose cancer she helped him through it. And as a result they fell in loveand she gave him a cat CanCanso he will never be lonely again.  After her death, he put all his love for her into CanCan.

    Meanwhile Chow Chow is working hard at Raptor but at the same time trying hard to get her boyfriend Carson (Raymond Wong) to notice her more and she secretly wants him to announce to every that they are going out. But because he is scared it would affect their work in the firm he insist they keep it a secret, and because she is very caring towards him she agrees to it.

    But Carson lately cheats on Chow Chow with another woman which shatters her.

    Mui Chun slowly gets attached to SaiBa and with the help of animal loving personality Chow Chow she soon helps Mui Chunchange his perspective of life and the way he treats dogs, and him and SaiBu develops a very strong bond. And Mui Chun and Chow Chow starts to fall in love with each other.

    When everything in his life seems to be going perfect Mui Chundiscovers that his cancer has erupted again…And he now struggles to deal with this again, but because of Chow Chow he has now changed and decides to hide it from his loved one so that they wont haveto worry about him…….

    The other main characters in this series is Chow Chow ‘s brother Jim Jim ( david Lui) who is a dog trainer but he is someone who does not really have a opinion. He listens to most of the things his wife Shui Tin Lan (Margie Tsui). Things change dramatically for him when he discovers what he really wants and has a true passion for in his life, buthis wife does not support him in this and they start to query and he is faced withthe chose of picking his family or his true passion……..


    Gallen Lo

    After 4 years of now doingdrama with TVB, Gallencomes back. And to me its like he had not left at all. His acting is still high quality. His portray of the character Mui Chun is extremely good, and at the stat when he hates dog you really believe it, buton the other hand with he loves the pets you feel it too. I lovethe chemistry he has with Myolie. ( Half way through watching the drama I suddenly reminded that they had worked together before when they were playing siblings in drama golden faith back in 2002) However I do feel that they make quite a sweet couple! I still think Gallen is a top actor!!

    Myolie Wu

    She played a very loveable and likeable character in this drama, I am really used to Myolie playing the nice, sweet character which really suits her butI hope to see her play someone with a very different personality in future TVBdrama. Her actingwas very good when she connected withthe pets, when you see her with them it really just makes you happy and smile. Towards the end when she finds outabout Mui Chun being ill she really did convince you of her pain, and her tears were very heartbreakingfor viewers to see. Very good acting skills, great to watch her.

    David Lui

    He does not usually do series, I dont think I have watched him in many series. Bu the was quite good in this one, you can tell he had to do lots of preparation for this drama. Because he really had to connect with the pets in this drama.  I found him ok to watch

    Margie Tsang

    She was a delight to watch in this drama, because she played a very funny character, someone who was occasionally very demanding and bossy but she was also caring towards her family. This role showed her ability to play a more diverse role.

    Bernice Liu

    Played a spoilt young woman, which she did very well. But I found she did not have a huge role in this drama, which was a bit of a waste. But I loved her chemsitry with her dog Bailey.

    Raymond Wong

    This is the first TVB drama Raymond participated in. I have peviously seen his acting once in a Mainland series Central Affair where he played a bad guy, which he did very well. In this drama at the start I did not like him too much because he played the role of a bad boyfriend but as the drama went on we slowly see another side to him which was caring. And I think Raymond did quite good in this drama, I want to see other future roles he will play in TVB drama.

    Below are some mixed pictures from the drama

    My thought of this drama:

    I found this drama quite light hearted at the start, but it got much more serious and real towards the end( I wont spoil it for you but it gets very interesting and realistic). And it reminds us how pets can be a huge part of our life. And how we should not just buy a pet for random reasons because at the end of the day it is a life and deserves to be looked after and loved, and it is for life!!!

    The voice that they have for the pets are also very cute and adorable!

    I would watch this drama if you love animals because it is very sweet and nice to watch. And if you like any of the actors/actresses in this drama because they all acted very well in this drama.

    4 Responses to “Series Review 1”

    1. wonderful seventh day review! why don’t you submit this review to spcnet?

    2. vixstar1314 Says:

      thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it a lot ^_^
      Umm..I dont know why I aint submitted a review on spcnet, prob coz they already have a review on 7th day!!

    3. Thanks for the many pictures here, they are very cute. =)

    4. Jasmin Tea Says:

      I am now watching Forsenic Heroes 2. I am not quite finish yet and this page made me feel better when I learned that Madam Ma will still be with Ivan. I am very grateful that Sam is not jealous and doesn’t steal Ivan’s girlfriend but I still think Ding Ding suit him the most! I am cheering fo you Ivan!

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