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Many places in this world are now filled with higher than usual risks. The risks I would like to blog about today is terrorism. It seemed that a lot of places can be targets of this. Over time it feels to me like the world has gotten scarier. I don’t know if that is because when I was young as a kid you don’t really watch the news or follow what is actually going on around the world. So in some way you know less, thus feel less threaten. Today however I feel like no matter where you are the risks are high. I personally feel like it is one of those things that you can’t actually control. It is will you be at the wrong place and the wrong time, and be the unlucky ones. It is not really something you can avoid, as I need to go work, go places, meet people, visit locations so I guess we should leave it to fate……..

Paradox of life

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My worse fear is the deaths of those I care. Yet they are realities which will happen eventually just not sure when. And the realisation and thought that is just heart wrenching. Paradox of life and love is death and pain.

This is life!

I may look young but I have seen and known pain and suffering. I have experienced a lot of bumps and falls in my life.

My foundations of life and living is rather profound. However I rarely share these with those around me as I am consciously aware that the majority of them have been bound by perspectives created by society known as “life today,” the images, the celebs, the materialistic aspects, the need for more of everything that is in actual fact hollow and empty, the short bursts of what they deems as “happiness.” In a non conform society one would see these stuff as without depth. Therefore I feel as if i have been born into the wrong time and place. An alien on this planet in this “society”.

So I reframe from expressing majority of my thoughts and feelings because they are so different from others. So much more clear and clean  cut. I guess this is where my blog comes in sometimes, as here I feel that the typing allows the freedom in me to flow out into a different hemisphere – the cloud.

Contradiction pain

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Contradiction inside against that of the outside world and society makes it difficult to balance.

Constantly like a tug of war.

I am torn.

The World we live in….

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I retreat

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It was music, blogging and books that made me think perhaps I ain’t really alone.

Life is actually so much more difficult when I am more conscious and aware of everything around and inside me.

There are so many times when I want to be away from society away from this black hole that tries so relentlessly to suck people into the lure of its so call “beauty,” “norms,” “how to behave and conform to the mass” with materialistic, culture, money, greed, reputation, fake and hollow empty world that I cannot accept nor willingly conform into. Thus, I retreat into my own inner world for salvation to find God.

It makes you…….

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What makes you unique can subsequently also isolate you. 

It makes you so different from the social norms.

Deep down we have all been conditioned to want approval and be accepted.

But differences makes “fitting” into anything so much more harder.

It makes you stand out.

It makes you a threat.

But above all,

it makes you……….Just you – perfect!

Being Normal

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Being “normal” is overrated. Doesn’t that just mean there would be lots of clones of the same people?


Why be normal when you can be rare,different and happy.

Leaving Normal Sign

People may dislike you for being different and not living up to society’s standards but deep down they envy your courage and wish they could do the same, their disapproval is merely just noise. They judge you because they don’t dare to judge themselves. God has his reasons for creating everyone the way they are originally. We may not understand why sometimes(most the times) however this doesn’t mean we should fake to be someone else. Everyone in this world is unique and so one size nor cap can fit all. Society depicts that you “have” to be a certain way otherwise you are “different” or an outcast”. The view of society most of the time is just the view of the mass, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is right. Truth be told, what really matters is you are content and happy with being “you” as long as being you doesn’t mean hurting others does the rest really matter? I believe not!

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