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Much needed encouragement

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Words of encouragement for you, for me, for the audience.

These are much-needed encouragement.


When you feel a very dark force pulling you down, remember there is always an upward force. Be that God, hope, belief, dreams, passion, future…There is something.


Far too often we cannot help but over-think, which can be useful at times to re-collect thoughts. However it is also this that causes the brain to worry about so much more that may not truly exist.


When we are in life, a lot of the time, everyone around us seems to be moving very fast. Blinding us whilst they speed pass. This interrupts us, causing us to follow their movement. Which in turn makes us forget about our own life. 


This massive world, far too often doesn’t seem to make sense or seem like it can ever be grasped.


However rest assure it is solid therefore if you keep going, you will come closer to something….



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