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Praying is a very special action. However you will find people all do it differently. Some find they have to pray together, some loudly, some quietly, some alone, some when they need it most, it ranges so much.

I personally like to pray when I am alone, when it is quiet so that I can talk to God. I like it to be privately. The strange thing is that so often I know I pray for people who don’t even give me a second thought at night. Yet I still pray for them. Sometimes I ask myself why do I still bother then? I guess in my heart praying for them to be safe and healthy and it coming true brings me comfort, to know that they are ok is more than enough.  


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As you have highly likely heard about Boston, so many are left questioning how can such an act be inflicted upon others. It also reminds us that in many countries in this world there are still many who live in fear and war everyday. When it hits closer to home we are forced to think deeper about it all. 

My heart goes out to all those who have been affected by the Boston bomb attacks.

boston500 My heart also goes out to all those currently living in fear, terror, war and suffering.

We have witness that difficult times can unite our nation and bring out the best in people but at the same time on the reverse of this it has also bought out the worse in people (those who have consciously set out to commit these acts which have directly and indirectly affected so many). At times like these we draw strength from each other, from our inner strength and from God.




One world

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One world –  but it’s hard to comprehend  how different it can be.  In the UK today the weather was sunny and bright,

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but on the other side of the Atlantic in Japan it was snowing and there was no sign of the crisis in Japan coming to an end.

As I stood, reflecting on things, I could not help but feel some what lucky, of course there will always be those that have a greater life than you, but the main issue is how you perceive your life.  Be thankful for everything you have today, as no one can guarantee what tomorrow holds. I prayed and thanked God then I asked him to give those in Japan the strength to fight on, the determination to overcome all hardship that they are currently facing.

I do personally feel somewhat helpless as I watch others crumbling and suffer, as their world shatters. I will continue to try my best to somehow help, whether that me continue to write blogs in regards to the crisis Japan is facing, so more can read about it and there is a greater chance that more will reach out to help, request for donation


do my bit and donate. Please help too, we all may be different, our world may seem very different to their’s but at the end of the day we are all God’s people, living in one world, so I cannot stress enough please help.

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