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The view from inside out

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As I was walking today I started noticing a lot around me, stuff that normally does not get processed through my mind because it’s “just there” – backgrounds that are in life.

I saw as the week passed how different the sky and ground looked.

The sky fluctuated from grey, to blue, to dull, to foggy, to white.

The ground went from covered by crispy leafs to damp and drained leafs to dead leafs.

My mind wondered how the seasons had passed by like a gush of wind, just as I felt the chill going down my spine.

Through my lenses I saw also how time had passed by me so quickly. How changes had engulfed a lot of my inside. How the outside had changed. Like most of us, I know that change is adamant but forget sometimes. Until it forces you to come face to face with it.

{The Season Cycle}


{The Life Cycle}

Birth – Growth – Illness – Death – Birth – Growth – Illness – Death

{The Process Cycle}

Bottom – Rise – Peak – Fall – Bottom – Rise – Peak – Fall

My lenses that combined “Autumn” and “Time” to give the below image:

The Philosophy: It all goes round and round. Stopping for no one. The beauty and the flaw that entails everything and everyone in life.

This reflection caused a flashback to a image I once came across in life. A perculiar image. My own interpretation of it in very short terms were the unexplainable and weird ups and downs of everyday life.

The actual meaning behind it can be found on the below link:

I also happened to find a beautiful illustration of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Found on this site:


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The strange thing is, I am present, physically I am standing but the truth is there is a massive distance between me and this world, and the people within it.
They say the scariest thing about distance is that you don’t know whether you would be missed or just completely forgotten.
It’s like I have ceased to exist
I look all around me but my gaze is so far and distanced. I see pass everything unable to take in the surrounding.As I continue to feel a part of me entering the hollowness of life.
The distance of a circle is continuous, going round and round, repeating itself constantly like the feelings within.

This song describes it all:
Birds of Tokyo – Circles

I’m being followed by my shadow
He’s been creeping around
Asking where I’ve been
He keeps tapping on my shoulder
Telling me it’s over
So where do I begin?

These dark days are getting harder
I feel I’m treading water
So will I sink or swim?
Roll on, push a little further
I keep saying ‘Is this worth it,
Or should I just give in?’
I don’t know

I don’t know which way I’m supposed to spin
In this circle
But I won’t waste my time on your concern
‘Til it’s over

I look back on a distant border
I fear I’m getting older
There’s so much that I missed
Walk on, following a faint line
See if I can define where I came undone

I don’t know which way I’m supposed to spin
In this circle
And I won’t waste my time on your concern
‘Til it’s over

And I will wait my turn, my time will come
This ain’t over
And I can’t wait no more, no sweet return
This is over

So it is
(No sweet return)
So it is
(No sweet return)
So it is
(No sweet return)
So it is
(No sweet return)

This is over.

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