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—-> Beautiful view of the beach

~This blog/page is going to be my place about Home and Away , where I put pictures from the soap, information, past stories and some characters information….I’m going to keep adding things to this page, and hopefully in the future have tons of information for you all ūüėÄ ( oh and there might be some spoilers on this page)

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<—-Summer Bay surf club

Ok so this part is in regards to my visit to Palm Beach a.k.a Summer Bay has been a bit late. But nevertheless I hope you find it helpful and interesting. Oh and feel free to leave some comments and if you have any questions then just email me.

Right so the way I went was via bus. From wayward bus station  Bus route L90 will take you to Palm Beach. Well its the last stop on L90.

You have to buy the bus ticket before you board.

Some other useful information:



The bus journey was about 1hour and 30minutes. It does go quite out of central of Sydney but if your a huge fan of home and away like me, its worth the travel. I promise. And you get to see great views on the way.

A few pictures I took below, will put more up when I have a bit more time.

Luckily the weather was very nice the day I visited otherwise that would be quite a downer

~H & A is a very popular Australian Soap that was produced in 1987( the year I was born heheheee) but aired on 17th July 1988, and it is still showing till this day. It was created by Alan Bateman. It has seen many characters developed, come and go. But the longest characters there, are: Alf Stewart and Sally Fletcher who have been there since the first episode.

~The soap is set in a place called “Summer Bay” and started with Pippa and TomFletcher and their foster children ( one of them being Sally Fletcher), and their caravan park. Also with Alf’s family then it grew bigger and involved more and more¬†families in the bay. Well obviously I did not start watching it when it started, lolz I started watching it a bit after the Sunderland family entered. So I will not talk alot about the families and characters before them…

Below are some pictures of the Beautiful Summer Bay…

Gorgeous Sunrise over the beach->

<-Sunset over Summer Bay


*Sally Fletcher [Kate Ritchie] Рhas practically grown up on home and away. She was here from the first episode and is still here. And I strongly feel that H & A will not be the sally-fletcher-kate-richie.jpgsame without her, but we are going to find out very soon because she will be leaving sometime in 2008 =( which will be so emotional and sad but I will cross that bridge when it comes.

~When I started watching H & A Sally was going out with Flynn who¬†was new to the Bay and later worked in the hospital. Sally found out after a while that she had ovarian cancer and would not be able to have kids, well give birth to her own children in the future, but she had her eggs frozen so that she may still get a surrogate person to have children for her in the future. After some drama, Sally and Flynn got married. The wedding was very sweet, not exactly how Sally had¬†planned it but in the end she realised it did not matter what she wore, or came in, all that mattered was that¬†all the people she loved were there to see her get married to¬†the¬†man she love. Soon after they asked Leah to be the surrogate mother to her and Flynn’s baby. That nearly did not work out because there were times when Leah wanted to keep the baby and then she started to have a thing for Flynn. However in the end, she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy girl. Who Sally and Flynn named “Pippa”, named after Sally’s foster mother.

<—-Sally the proud mother

~After a while Ric and Cassie came onto the scene, and Sally ended up “adopting” them into her family. And their new family were happy for a while, but then Flynn developed skin cancer, and it got really bad… And he eventually died from it, that scene was one of the best actor-ed scene, it was memorable, heart aching and extremely sad, I must admit I cried…It was such a powerful scene……Below is a picture of Flynn’s Funeral

~It took Sally ages to recover from it all. And fall in love again, this time with Brad..they got engaged and nearly got married but she did not show up on the wedding day, because she realised that she could not imagine getting married to someone else after Flynn. So her and Brad’s relationship ended.

~Another traumatic thing in her life was when Alf accidentally ran over Pippa, but luckily she pulled through in the end. or the result would have been a disaster for the whole Bay and for Alf and Sally’s relationship.

~Recently on H & A a man called Miles arrived at the Bay, and as soon as Sally met him she felt a very strong connection with him… It turns out that he was her twin brother who she got separated with when she was young. But that special occasion was short lived when she heard “johnny Cooper” was back in the Bay, he wanted revenge for his brother(Rocco) Who Sally took in and helped, but he was pressured by his brother johnny to kill Sally.. and in the end he got killed…and Johnny blamed Sally for it all.

(wow I did not realised I typed so much about Sally, and have in mind I did not go into lots of detail and missed some stuff out…lolz)

kate.jpg <—Kate winning a¬†award

<–Sal and foster mum Pippa

*Alf Stewart [Ray Meagher]

~Alf has also been on Home and Away since the first episode, he has gone through so much in the past 20 years in Summer Bay.

~ His father was quite strict with him which in the end benefited Alf a lot because he worked very hard and after a few years owned quite a lot of places in Summer Bay. Alf has 4 sisters; Celia, Debra, Morag Bellingham, Barbara Fisher. Morag is the one we see the most, and she is currently living in Summer Bay too.

~Alf’s relationships:

His first wife was Martha Baldivis, they were happily married in Summer Bay and soon after she gave birth to a beautiful daughter Ruth(Roo)….However the good times did not last long, because his wife drowned. Leaving Alf’s life in pieces. It took him understandably a long time to recover.

His next relationship was with Ailsa Hogan¬†he liked her practically from thr start when she came to the Bay. However Roo did not like her, but this did not stop them because after just 20 episodes they got married….After some attempt to sabotage her father’s relationship, Roo finally accepted it…. Alf and Ailsa had a son together who they named Duncan( who turns out to be a hand fall later on ). Ailsa had several health problems, and then died. Once again someone Alf really love’sistaken away from him and to makemattersworse his relationship withhissondeteriorates more.¬†Eventually¬†Duncan moves to the city to live with his aunt¬†Morag.

He also had a relationship with Colleen’s daughter, Maureen but it was very brief.

Around the time when I started to watch H & A again( a few years ago) was when Alf had just found out that he had another son with his first girlfriend, called Owen. But it turned out that Owen did not turn out to be a fine man like Alf because he constantly beat his son Eric Dalby( A.K.A Ric). And¬†one day Eric accidentlykillshisfather, but he was not¬†charged in the end. Alf’s relationship with Ric at the start was quite poor but as time went on they got to know each other much better and eventually formed a closed bond.

More recently Alf learnt that he has a grand-daughter, Martha, who Roogaveupfor adoption years ago. Martha came back to the Bay with Alf. In the current episodes she is now a permanent resident of Summer Bay. You can find out more about her if you scroll down =)

Alf also has a very strong relationship with Sally who he see’s¬†as¬†a¬†daughter. Since the first time she spoke to him she has always called him “Mr Stewart” and has done so for¬†the past 20 years.

But they went through a very very rough patch, when Alf ran over Sally’s daughter Pippa, because he had cataracts and needed a operation. But he had not had the operation yet and because of a situation he had to drive, and when he was reversing he did not see Pippa and hit her….This broke his heart, because they were like his family, he could not forgive himself and Sally could not forgive him…But eventually they got passed it and are still all living together in Sally’s house

~Alf has always been very respected in the Bay, he plays a big part in holding the community together, Sal once said he made her feel safe and secure…I think this is how the whole of Summer Bay see’s him. Because he is always someone who they can turn to in times of trouble.

~ Alf currently owns half of the Noah’s Bar and the Blackland yatch.

~ In the current episodes in the UK, Alf has just found out one of another long term Summer Bay resident is actually his half sister and this person is…………….Colleen Smart, well Colleen Stewart now..hehehee

~ I think Alf has been part of H & A for so long that when some people think of H & A they actually think of Alf. To me he has been a very important character in H & A he has given the Bay so much, to me his is someone who is very stubborn, a little bit old fashion, well respected, famous for saying “strewth”, “flamming mongrels” [lolz] a few of Alf’s favourite phrases. Also someone that has a bit influence in Home and Away, it would not be the last without “Mr Stewart”.





*Colleen Smart [ Lyn Collingwood]

Has also been in H & A near the time it begun 20 years ago. As a child she had quite a bad childhood, her father physciallyabusedher and her mother. And her mother was a alcoholic. She always wished that she can be a Stewart when she was young. Because they seemed to have the perfect family and were very well respected in the community. This became true recently on H & A when she found a time capsule embedded in the diner wall, and when it was open revealed that she was a Stewart. Her mother had slept with Alf’s father. But then when he left she fond out she was pregnant and he did not want to deal with it so she married another guy..Resulting in Colleen growing up in a messy family and unable to be what she always dream of being a “Stewart”

Colleen has a son Lanciewhousetolive in the Bay with her but he moved away. She is currently living in the Caravan park in one of the Caravan that she bought. Another very memorable event in Colleen’s life is when she won ‘Miss Groper Pageant’ in 1959 which was one of the highlight of her life, because it made her feel special and made her feel like someone.

Colleen does not have main storyline, however she plays a huge part in the Bay, she is the town’s news spreader, gossips¬† a lot, however she can have her caring moments when people need her. She has constantly been at the side of Sally,Leah and many Bay residents when they are going through hard times in their life….

Irene Roberts [Lynne McGranger]

Irene was in the past a alcoholic who neglected her 3 children. They were then taken away from her. She tried to get them back but failed….After realising and coming to terms with it all, she decided to get her act together for her own sake and for her kids. So she eventually gave up drinking for good.

When I started watching H & A. Irene was looking after Will, Hayley and Nick. This was because she married their father but when he died at the garage where he worked, Irene decided to look after his kids like they were her own. And for that they loved her and respected her a lot. And I think because she missed out on her own children’s growing up, she felt honoured to be an part of theirs…

Whilst living at the Bay, Irene helped many with their alcohol problems. First being Noah( who was HAyley’s boyfriend). Then it was Kit Hunter. Irene has also developed a tendency to help others in trouble. She developed a very strong bond with Tasha Andrew. Who immendiately took a liking to Irene as soon as she met her. And later moved in with Irene. And eventually Irene adopted her. Irene also helped out troubled teenager Kane Phillips and later Kirsty Sunderland too. Then there was Kim Hyde who was having trouble with his father. ( what would Smmer Bay’s troubled teens do without Irene, lolz)

Irene soon started a relationship with Kim’s father Barry Hyde.( who was the new principle of Summer Bay High) their relationship was quite serious, and went on for quite a while. they only decided to split up because they realised they wanted different things in life, Barry wanted to settle down but Irene wanted to continue helping teens in need! so they went their separate ways.

Many problems arised whilst Tasha was livin with Irene. firstly it was hard for Tasha to adapt to life in the Bay. Slowly with the help of Irene and many Summer Bay residents she settled in and made it home. And eventually fell in love with a local boy Robbie. After some wild encounters and getting to know each other they new that they were meant to be. But then Tasha got mixed up in a cult called the believers and lost her way and moved out of Irene. Whilst in the cult things got very messy and she got raped. She eventually saw through the cult and managed to escape. Tasha and Robbie then got married and soon after Tasha fell pregnant but the baby was not Robbie. Irene helped them through this rough time… And soon Robbie loved the baby like it was his own. After some time Tasha and Robbie left the Bay Irene was devasted but understood that they could not stay with her forever, and that she needed to continue to help others in need.

The next trouble teen Irene helped was Belle Taylor. Who tried to steal from her, but Irene caught her and found that she had no where to live so the nice person that she is, Irene welcomed her into her house and took her under her wings. With Irene’s help Belle has transform from a inconsiderate brat to a mature caring young woman. Till this day Belle is still living under Irene’s roof.

<- Picture of Irene¬†telling Belle to give her mother an 2nd chance, after Amanada’s sense helped find Belle when she was lost out in the forest

Irene then took in Annie and Geoff Campbells

And recently on H & A, Kirsty and KAne returned with their son Ollie who was very ill. So they asked Irene to pretend that she found him on the beach so that he could be treated in hospital. If you had not watched H & A at the time when they were both in the Bay which is around 3 years ago. I will tell you a bit about it. Kane had been accused of commiting a crime that his father framed him in. He knew that he would not get a fair trial so him and his wife, Kirsty, decided to run away. and had been on the run for 3 years. So it had been 3 years since Irene had heard from them, she had to help young Ollie so she agreed with their plan, and took Ollie in. But things soon got out of hand with KAne robbed a jewlery store. And it later became clear that throughout the years they were on the run he had been doing petty crimes. He was later caught and jailed. So Kirsty now lives in the BAy with Ollie in Irene’s house.

You would think that all the time Irene takes caring for troubled teens and people that she would not have much time to do other things, but then your wrong because on top of saving all of Summer’s Bay’s troubled teens, Irene is part owner of the new Summer Bay Diner, with Roman.

Leah Patterson Baker [ Ada Nicodemou]

~ Leah first came to the Bay because she was fleeing an arrange marriage set up by her Greek family. However she never dreamt that she would meet the 2 love of her life; first was Vinnie Patterson. When her father found out he was not at all impress and tried to give Vinnie money so he would break up with Leah. After a few bumpy situation they finally got married, and it was a a huge greek wedding. Soon after Leah gave birth to a baby boy who they named VJ(Vinnie Junior). But true love never runs smoothly, as Leah finds out way to often. Vinnie was framed by his father for a crime he did not commit and was sent to jail.

~ At first Leah struggled immensly, but luckily her brother Alexi helped out a lot. When VJ was about 6 months doctors diagnosed him as being deaf, and he needed a operation. At this time Leah was very confused as she could not get in contact with Vinnie to get his support. In the end she found the support in one of Vinnie’s friend JEsse. They later started a relationship after Vinnie died in prison the day he was suppose to get let out. Jesse supported and cared for VJ as if it was his own son. And they had a very strong relationship.¬† They had many good times together as a family. But problems arised when Leah helped be the surrogate mother for Sally’s baby, and eventually Leah and Jesse broke up

~ The next serious relationship Leah had was with Peter Baker, he turned out to be a detective during Vinnie’s trial. He and Leah had a strong connection.¬† However it was not meant to be because after a big incident involving a seige and him being knocked unconscious he managed to tell Leah that Vinnie was still alive. But that was all he said as he went into a comma. During this time LEah was very confused. And when Peter’s brother came to the Bay to look after him. He and Leah formed a very big connection and started to have feelings for each other.

~ When PEter gave out of the comma we learn that Vinnie had gone into Witness Protection, and LEah’s choice was to go away with him and forever stay in hiding or stay in the bay without ever seeing him again. After much consideration she decided to stay because she could not leave all her friends and family. The last time we saw Vinnie was when he was a crown at VJ’s birthday. It was very sad to see him not being able to be with him family

~ Leah and Dan started to have a serious relationship after a while, a small hitch arised wihen Dan’s son, Ryan came to stay with him. But eventually Ryan accepted it all. And Leah and Dan had a very nice wedding. <-After Party of wedding

There were some problems with their marriage as Dan had a gambling problem which later arised, Leah kissed Peter, Dan nearly killed Vj after he got drank whilst looking after VJ, LEah loosing their baby. However in the end they worked through all these problems and became a very popular and strong couple.

~ They were all going to migrant to USA where Dan was going to teach abroad there, he went first and LEah was going to complete the sell of her business and house before she joined him. However one day she got a call whilst working at the Diner and they said that Dan had died during a trip where he risked and lost his life to save a young boy. I must admit Ada’s acting in the episodes during all this was amazing, she did it so well I even cried, and was heartbroken. After refusing to talk to anyone, she finally broke down and started crying and screaming non stop. But with the help of Rachel and Sally she soon knew that she had to be strong for Drew, VJ and Ryan.

~ The father of the kid that Dan saved gave Leah $100,000 as a tribute to Dan and with that money Leah opened a place where young kids could hang out because she knew that this was what Dan always wanted and she named it “The Den”

*Ric Dalby [Mark Furze]

When Ric first appeared on home and away he was Summer Bay’s bad boy known as Dalby, he was like Summer Bay High’sbully…But we soon find that this boy is hiding a big secret… After getting framed by Robbie and Tasha, his secret is exposed! It turned out that his father was beating him, and he acted like a hard guy to hidethis!! After Flynn found out about this, being the guy he was he wanted to help Ric….But the situation got out of hand when his father died, thinking he caused it, Ric ran away….After some time, they found him and it was learnt that his father had died of a heart attack and it was not his fault and that Ric was in fact Alf’s grandson…but after a few clashes withAlfhemoved in with Sal and Flynn they eventually fostered him. Under Sal and Flynn’s care Ric slowly changed and showed a side we had never seen before( caring, loving, sensitive)…

When Flynn died this effected Ric immensely because Flynn was his role model and like a true father to him, he loved Flynn so much, and he felt that Flynn’s partly early death was because of him as Flynn risked his life to save him and Cassie during a electric shock in the caravan park…. but he learnt that he had to be strong for Sal’s sake and he was the man of the house now…so he became very caring and protective towards Sal, Pippa and Cas.

His relationship started withCassie…they dated for quite a long time but eventually split up because of trust issues…Then he dated Belle this relationship did not last too long..Now Ric is dating Matilda, they have been going out for quite a long time, there has been ups and down..it was so sweet when he stuck by her when her mother died…recently however he cheated on her with viv, ( but¬†Viv did manipulate him) so they split up after she found he was texting¬†Viv behind her back after he promised not too. But the next day she regretted this so she agreed to get back withhimonlytofind that as soon as they broke up¬†he slept with viv…..and now she is pregnant……However recently on h & a they got¬† back together because they knew that deep down they still loved each other a lot and after dan’s memorial they learnt to treasure the ones they loved before it’s too late… I personally thing they are a cute couple—->

Ric recently has been¬†very supported¬†for Casafter¬†he found out she had HIV, they are both very close after all that they have been through, he is still very protective of her…..

He also came¬†close to getting very badly hurt when Johnny Cooper came back for revenge and badly beat Ric up..but he survived ūüôā

Martha Mckenzie [ Jodi Gordon ]

~ Martha is the daughter of Roo [ Alf’s daughter] but she was given away for adoption shortly after birth…So she grew up on a farm withher adoptedparentsand brother as Martha McKenzie. After her adopted parents died she went in search of her biological parents. After living with Roo for a while, when she met Alf and Morag she decided to follow them back to¬†Summer Bay.

~ The first¬†serious relationship she had was with Jack Holden, however it was not love at first sight..lolz At first their were constantly at each other’s throat, and she hated him…Because¬†he was sent to investigate the noise that Martha and her friends [ Tasha]¬†were causing at their party,¬†and the next¬†encounter he stopped her for speeding…¬†After lots of misunderstanding and encounter, Jack started to fall¬†for Martha, however her strong personality lend her to say she did not like him and¬† I remember one of her most famous phrase she said to him was¬† I’d rather listen to ‘my heart will go on’, on repeat than go on a date with you.” This cracked me up so much…But deep that she did like him..

They played lots of jokes on each other, and did lots of dares, but one went wrong quite badly, when Martha found out that Jack had a huge phobia of spiders so she planted a fake one in his room. but he got very scared and fell backwards and hit his head, damaging his ears and hence hearing… Martha felt very guilty so went to the hospital alot, but did not tell him it was her who sort of caused it all. When he finally found out his was furious, but after talking to his father they eventually started going out together… Because of Martha’s personality they often clashed a lot and eventually split up..

~ Martha then started to date one of Jack’s colleague who just arrived in the Bay.. His name was Corey…At first Jack gave him permission to date his ex. But after a while he started to feel that Corey may be hiding something so he tried to warn Martha. Of course she did not take notice of his and just thought Jack was jealous or something. Then he found evidences that Corey was poisoning Irene, but by that time it was too late because Martha and Corey¬†had left for a picnic. But Martha found¬†the bottle in his¬†bag and managed to escape…¬†Jack came to catch Corey, and he was¬†put behind bars.

~¬†Once again they got back together, it was like nothing¬†can keep them apart in the end… Jack was trying to spin Martha of the direction that he was about to propose [ which was kind of exactly like Friends series, Chandler and Monica btw] she really believed it and was about to break up with him. But then her best friend Tash told her the real idea behind it. And MArtha shocked Jack but proposing to him instead [ also just like friends lolz] and he accepted.. a picture of this magic moment is shown on the right==>

~ The start of this all was never going to be easy for these two, on the wedding day it was gate crashed by Zoe who had a grudge against the whole Bay so she tried to blow up the wedding reception. Then there was Mama Rose who was the leader of some cult and was trying to get Tasha and when Martha found out tried to help but got catched too. Then there was the problem of Jack working so much that Martha felt lonely, and after a while they split up for real.

~ Martha’s next relationshipwas with Ash who was Jack’s old friend. At first he found it very hard to accept but eventually he learnt to let go when he knew his marriage was over… Martha and Ash shared a very passionate relationship, and she loved him alot. But her aunt Morag had a gut feeling that he was hiding something and eventually found out that he was in fact marriaged withtwokids. He promised her that he would leave them for her.. she believe this but in the end he did not have the guts to do it. So he left, and not long after she found out she was pregnant with his baby. After suffering from the lost of someone she loved[Ash] she was not in the right state of mind and made a harsh decision and she had a abortion.

~From here onwards Martha went downhill and matters were made worse when she met and started dating a guy called Cam who owned a bar/pole¬†dancing¬†club. This was when she disconnected from her family, job and went on a very rebellious streak. She quit her job at Noah’s bar and went to work for Cam, he manipulated her and made her separate from her family. She eventually fell right into his plans and started to work as a pole¬† dancer at is club. He was also a drug dealer. We all knew it was like a time bomb that was going to explored in a few episode times. Jack tried numerous time to warn her but she refused to listen, so he planted drugs in Cam’s club to try to catch him but it ended up in Martha’s locker and she was arrested. Jack could not sit and watch her go to prison so he got rid of the evidence. When Martha found out that he just wanted to use her for his own benefit, she left Cam. But he later phoned her and she went to try to help him. She got stuck in the office and Cam did not know he was in there so after he figured he had lost his club he decided to set it on fire. Once again when she is in trouble Jack would come to the rescue and this time was no different.

~ Martha now admitted that she had made the wrong choices and her family forgives her. And everything was back to normal.  She and Jack continued to have on, off relationship but each time something would happen to cause them to split again.

~ And eventually he married Sam, because of lots of misunderstanding between the two. She tried to stop him on his wedding day but eventually just watched from the church. Sam was very jealous between the relationship that JAck and martha still shared so she told him to stop seeing MArtha.

~ Martha’s next relationship was with Jonah who was Mama Rose’s son, at first she tried to¬†supress her¬†feelings for him because¬†of¬†everything he did to Tasha i the¬†past. But in the end she could not and when the¬†whole town found out that they were together, they were far from allowing, especially ALfand Jack. But because Martha was stubborn she refused to listen… He had changed though, and he did love her a lot, they even planned to move away from the Bay but he eventually broke up withherbecause he knew that deep down she still loved Jack.

~ It took Martha a very long time to get over Jack and accept that he was married and they cant be together….

~ Her next relationship was with new guy in town Roman, they had lots of fun together and he cared for a lot…things were going very well. But when Sam dead, she became a suspect along with Jack, and though all this once again their love for each other are rekindled, with her noticing…However Roman did. And he eventually said he was not going to keep going out with her because her heart was not truly with him.

~ Now in the UK episode MArth and Jack are once again back together….I wonder what will happen next………………………………………….

~ I quite like the character MArtha McKenzie she has a very strong personality but way too stubborn…And once she falls in love she totally falls without thinking of the consequences, I guess thats why people say love is blind!ehehhehe… Lots of credit to Jodi Gordon though because she has shown at acting skills, especially when she had to acted Martha’s rebellious time, because this was a total change from the Martha we know, and she actually done it so well that there were times when i really did not like what MArtha was doing to herself and he family… But I’m glad Martha goes back to her old self ūüėÄ

*Cassie Turner [Sharni Vinson]

cass.jpgcas18.jpg<==(Cass 18th bday)

I remember when cass first started H & A because she was full of soolively, and cheeky, she tricked Ric a few times. We soon found out that she lived with her grandmother, who was Colleen’s rival years back…

~Things got quite bad for Cass after a few epbecause her grandmother died, then her uncle came on the screen. And it turned out that he had sexually abused her when she was younger. She reported it to the police. Having no true family, Sally and Flynn decided to take her in.At that time Ric was also living there, and there was quite a strong chemistry between the two of them. Then went out for quite a long time. Here are a few pictures of them together

~However some problems arised from their relationship such as trust issues, which lead to lots of arguments, and they split up, it was very hard at first because they lived in the same house, that’s while Ric chose to move out…But after a while things cooled down and they were able to get pass it all and stay as friends, and he soon moved back in.

~The next thing in Cass’slifewas when Flynn died, she loved him like a father, and the hit on her was huge!

~The next person she went out with was Macca(Martha’s bro) at the start it was very sweet, but then he had some angry and jealous issues, and had hit her…he promised to change, they finally moved to the city but Cass found she missed her family too much, and it turned out he did not change…When Sally found out she was furious and took Cass away.

~The next person she feel for was Jules, who was like a bad boy type, but she saw through that and felt he was just trying to hide his senstive side. But it did not last long because he left town.

~Recently on H & A Cass fell deeply in love with a guy called Henk, who has a very bad past( read rachel’sbiotoseewhy). He is also much older than her. Even though Sal and everyone in the town try to tell her he is bad news, she refuse to see this and insist on going out with him…Later she finds out she is pregant, she was at first very nervous to tell him, but after mattiegiveshersupport, she tells him. He is very happy but just around the corner a bombshell is just going to land on their good news. He is infected with HIV, and so is she….When Cass finds out her world comes shattering down….

Jack Holden ~ [Paul O’Bien]

*¬† We first see Jack when he is called to a¬† disturbance in Summer Bay it turned out to be a party held by Tashand¬†Martha. Right from the start¬†he¬†clashed with Martha. Then later on that day he stopped her once again for speeding. By this time she really did not like this new contestable…Matters got¬†even worse when¬†she found out that he had moved in next door to the Hunters.

*¬†After quite a few big misunderstanding from Martha, he realised that he started to really like her. So he started to flirt with her a lot and tried to get her to go out with him, however she replied with ” I would rather listen to my heart will go on repeatedly than go out with you.” But Jack was very persistent, as knew she liked him too but she was stubborn and refuse to admit it. After a big prank joke by Martha [ read above at Martha section] He had problems with his hearing. After a few hitches they finally got together.

* No realationshipeverruns smoothly, and it became quite hard for Martha when Jack went back to the police force. And they eventually broke up and she went out with another guy from the force, but this did not last long and once again she realised she still loved Jack

*Jack was planning to propseto Martha but wanted her to be completely clueless about it so got Tasha and Robbie to makeit out like he said he was not the marrying type. This worked too well and she nearly broke up withhim. but Tasha revealed the truth to Martha. And she turned the tables around and popped the question to him instead.->

* The wedding was beautiful and sweet, but the reception was turned into a disaster by Zoe who had a grudge against the whole of Summer Bay. Jack ended up being really badly¬†hurt and Martha went missing after a helicopter crash. Jak¬†later recovered and Martha was found. Going through all this should have made them virtually inseparatable but Jack’s work got the better of them( the long hours,) put a strain on their marriage and they eventually split up permantently.

* JAck latergottogether with Sam, who helped him through some tough time. And he equally helped her through some tough time because she was trying to hidefromher ex husband who was a drug dealer. Jack formed a strong bond with her son, Rory. But her ex husband finds her but thankfully she manages to escape from him, she realised that she could no longer stay in summer bay so she and Rory left, leaving a heart broken Jack.

*¬† Jack continued to help out Martha when she had problems¬†but as a “friend” however all this just strengthen their bond together. They tried getting back together a few times but each time something would happen to prevent it working out.

* When Sam fell down the stairs, Rory called JAck. He went straight to see her. Whilst Martha had thought he was stranded out at sea, and had came to the conclusion that she loved him the most and did not want to divorce. But when she went to his house later that night, Sam was there and she found out that she was too late.

* Jack later married Sam, but she was very jealous of the strong realationship that Jack and MArtha still held so told him not to see her anymore, and Jack reluctantly stopped seeing Marth for his new family.

* Jack later discover that Sam had been hiding Johnny Cooper and bad guy who wanted revenge on Sally for his brother’s death. He was blackmailing Sam. And when she knocked him out when he had tried to kill Ric, everyone called her a hero, but this was far from the truth. She even went to extreme measures to stop Jack from finding out by killing¬†Johnny whilst he was still at the hospital. When jack found out from a letter that Johnny had hidden in his house with Sam’s help, this shattered his world completely because he had NO IDEA¬†this was what¬†his wife was capable of doing. Jack not knowing what he should do; tell the police about his wife or hide her dark secret so he results to drinking->

* Then Sam tells him she is pregnant and Jack is further confused, but she later looses the baby and flees the hospital when she figured that JAckwouldtell the police about her murdering Johnny. Sam once again results to desperate measure when she finds out that her son refuses to run away with her. She commits sucide and tried to make it seem like Jack and Martha had killed her. But later her plan were foiled by Morag.

* And once again Jack and MArthagetback to together, but this time its different because they know that they have both experienced a lot and learnt a lot from it, so treasure their realationship even more.

below is a picture of Martha & Jack deciding to get marriaged again.

Belle Taylor [ Jessica Tovey]

~Belle came to Summer Bay to find her biological mother. She had very little money when she arrived so she just stayed on the beach and in the bush until Ric found her and started to bring her food, and at one stage even hid in Ric’s room. She then tried to break into Irene’s car, and luckily for her Irene loves helping troubled young teens. So Irene let her stay at her house….Belle has a very hot temper, very stubborn,¬†forward speaking and quite a trouble maker when she first arrived in the Bay which lead to her clashing with many of the teen girls in the Bay and also Amanda Vale…There was a very memorable episode which made me laugh so much was when Amanda “accidentally” got milkshake all over Belle…lolz…But Belle and us soon find out that Amanda is actually her biological mother…. Belle found this very hard to accept, then there was a accident and Belle and many other summer residents were lost out in the bush. And Amanda had a vivid feeling that Belle had been bitten by a spider. Hers helped her lead rescueworkers to where they were, which ended up saving Belle. It turned out that Amanda’s mother had lied to her when she gave birthtoBelle, and had told her that Belle had dead..So Amanda did not know her daughterwasstillalive….Belle eventually moved in with Amanda.

~ Relationships:

When Belle first came to the Bay she totally set her eyes on Ric, and she succeeded in breaking Ric and Cassie up. But then found out that Ric still did not like her in that way

She then got together with Drew Curtis, they went out for quite a while..but then he broke it off and she found out it was because he liked someone else. But she was unaware that “the other person” was actually her mother…. Drew and Amanda had a secret affair for a while, but then she broke it off when she finally knew she could no longer do this behind her daughters back. When Belle found out she was devastate and quickly moved out and back in with Irene.

Her next boyfriend was Lucas Holden, they were a cute couple and he treated her so well, but deep down she still liked Drew…even though she tred to push those feeling out she eventually could not denieher love her Drew any longer, and she went behind Lucas’sbackandcheated on him with Drew. Of course things always find a away of coming out in H & A and when Lucas found out he was torn and heart broken, and briefly left the Bay.

Belle and Drew have been going out for a very long time, but there has been several break up and make up cases, but they always seem to fall back into each others arms. [ she was also dating him in real life too]

~¬† Other things that happen in Belle’s life is that she does become very good friends with Cassie and Mattie after they get to know each other a bit better and stop fighting over guys( lolz) There were also the story of Belle complicated family, in which her aunt ( Kelly) kidnaps her to get revenge on Amanda. But luckily Drew’s father who was Amanda’s boyfriend and a cop found her….And¬†it was Belle¬†who eventually saw through Kelly’s plan.

~ Belle is currently living with Irene still. But the sad thing is her and Drew just split up, and this time it was real, it was a full blow argument where they both said lots of stuff they should not have. And then he left the bay. This scene was very emotional and sad below is a picture of the moment when Cassie and Mattie are trying to comfort their friend.

Drew comes back after his mother persuades him, they talked things over. And they both knew they could not get back together, but they wanted to end it on a good note and not being angry at each other.¬† I think they both still cared for each other but felt that it was no longer working and they were drifting apart, but I was glad they sorted out some problems which allowed them both to move on…..A picture of this is saw on the right¬†¬† —–>

~ In the recent UK episodes, Belle has just quit her job at Coastal News because the manager there was giving her a very hard time, she had to do reports of things that she did not want to, like straight after Drew’s uncle died(Dan) she had to do a report on it and could not be with Drew at the memorial, then Sally got sacked/quit and the manager changed her story and twist the truth… She is now helping Leah out at the Den.

Matilda Hunter [ Indiana Evans]

Mattie arrived in the Bay with her twin brother Henry…She was the daughterof Beth Hunter who was at that time going out with Rhys¬†Sunderland…So Mattie and her brother had to live at the Sunderland house. Which she was not to¬†happy with and constantly spoke french to annoy her new family…

And the start she fell for Kim Hyde who was 6 years older than her, whilst trying to impress him she accidentally gets into trouble and nearly drowns, eventually Kim saves her and at the hospital tells her he aint interested, this left her heart broken.

When Rhys and Beth broke up he left the Bay. And Beth bought the Summer Bay House and¬†their family continued to live in the Bay. As¬†she and Henry continued to explore the Bay they discovered a body in the Bush ( Zoe McAllistar-¬†once a Bay stalker) this¬†had a huge impact on her life, as¬†it changed her and she became more mature. However she also felt that she was having very bad luck with boys as those she liked did not like her back, which did cause she change in her behaviour….

But finally fate moved in next door to her. The Holden family moved in, and Mattie and the youngest son Lucus got to know each other better, and after a pantomine performance where they shared a kiss, things started to develop and they started going out. When Bethand Tony moved in together, Mattie was now living with her boyfriend. This however was going to cause problems, as Lucas always been in a male dominated house with his dad and brother. Their relationship got harder and eventually ended.

Another important thing in her life was when Mattie got burnt during Martha’s wedding reception, this left her withsome scars, and started to cause her self esteem to fall dramatically. And she started to develop eating problems. Which got very serious as she did everything to try to hide this from the world, eventually leading to her ending up in hospital….Rachel then suggested she attend a retreat to help solve her problems. Here Mattiemetanothermember in the retreat, Dean, who she developed a close bond and relationship with, probably because they both had problems in life and were able to relie on each other..This relationship did not last too long.

Mattie’s next relationship was with Ric. However like most things in life it was never going to be a smooth ride, first Beth opposed the relationship because of the age different, then when Beth finally accepted that Ric loved Mattie a lot. Then enjoyed a steady and happy relationship for a while. Then Beth suddenly died in a car accident on the way back from a holiday. This shattered Mattie, and she just kept getting worse, throughout this time Ric stood by her and did everything in his power to comfort her….I found her acting during these episodes amazing, she portrayed the lost very well…And seeing her cry made be extremely emotional too.¬† Her sister, Kit also helped her through this difficult time. And she pulled through in the end

Mattie’s time in the Bay also see’sher develop a strong friendship withCassie, they share many problems with each other and help each other though many difficult times. Mattie was also very heart broken when Cassie left the Bay

Below is a picture of Cassie comforting Mattie when she finds out that Ric had cheated on her with another woman.

Mattie’s relationship with Ric has been going on for a long time, however there has been problems, ups and downs, break up and make up.but they are still together in the current UK episodes. However Ric has recently gone behind Mattie’s back to fight in a illegal boxing matches, so I wonder what will happen when she finds out.

Mattie is currently living in the Summer Bay House with Ric and Miles

Geoff Campbell ~ Lincole Lewis and Annie Campbell ~Charlotte Best

~ Geoff and Annie first appeared in episode 4443, we see them¬†finding Martha¬†sleeping in their farm, and they took her back to Summer Bay. Where we see how innocent they both are. Geoff is seen as a fine, young gentleman when he see’s Jack and Martha bickering he tells Jack that he should not really talk to a lady¬†like that. After a little while they insist that they must leave now, because their grandfather does not allow them to¬†be out.

~we then learn that their parents died when they were very young and since then their grandfather have been looking after him and his sister and is very strict and they dont go school. They just help on the farm and stay on the farm.    

~¬†When Sally finds out that there are two young children that are should be in school she talks to Bruce (the grandfather), even though he was still very reluctant to let them go school but Sally told him it was against the law. So they finally entered into the “real world”

~ Geoff showed a huge talent in rugby and gets up joining the rugby club. But his grandfather did not like this so gave him lots of work to do on the farm when he came home from school, which made him very tired. As he had to go school, train for rugby and work on the farm for long hours. Tony being the couch of the team,  had countless run in with Bruce about this.

~ Eventually Geoff and Annie move out after Bruce tries to take extreme measures. And they move in with Irene. At the start it was  a bit hardfor them both to get their head around the world they had been secluded for their whole life, things were much complicated, however they liked living with Ireneand made friends with many in the Bay who were very fond of the new siblings in town.

~ After becoming very ill, Bruce eventually when to see Geoff play a rugby match and was very proud of him. But soon after he died of a heart attack. This was extrememly hard for both of them, but with thehelp and support from many in the Bay they got through this very tough time. And continued to live in the Bay with Irene.

~ Geoff is a very sweet guy who is very protective of Annie, he also has very strong religious views, and plans to be a minster when he grow up. He is still quite a shy guy who does not really understand when girls pay lots of attention to him or when they like him, because he is not use to this. And when Nicole flirtswith him, he becomes very nervous. And due to his very innocent mind, she makes a bet with Aden that she can get him into bed. However living under the same roof with Belle, who is very smart she soon figures out that Nicole is trying to mess with Geoff. And she and Geoff gets their own back on Nicole.

~ Geoff has recently started going out with a girl at school called Melody. It starts¬†of quite well, until¬†her mum finds out and is very stricted towards her daughter and does not believe in boyfriend and parties at “such a young age” And even takes extreme measures against Geoff by reporting it to the police and taking a AVO against him.He then see’s Melodyat Nicole’s party and decides to break up with her, because he knows it will not work out in the long run. After Melody’s mum finds out about them seeing each other she has him arrested. And Geoff will have to go to court at a later date.

~At the start Annie finds it extremely hard to understand teenage relationships but Belle plays the role of a big sister¬†towards Annie. And they develop a strong bond, and Annie is always asking Belle for advise, this is made even easy now that they all live with Irene……Annie had diffuclties when she first started school, due to not having any education before that so she could not read, but with the help of Lucas she learns,¬†also because she had rarely been in contract with other guys she soon develops a crush on Lucas. But when she finds out he did not feel the same way she was very upset, but Belle explained¬†to her and supported her…And she later gets over it, and continues being friend’s with Lucas.

~ Annie then becomes best friends with Melody, and constantly tries to get Geoff and Melody together. Which eventually works, however she is often left struck in the middle when something goes wrong in their relationship.

<-When she sneaks in Melody’s room to give her a phone so she can call Geoff.

She tries to fix it¬†but sometimes making matter worse, like when she accidentally tells Melody’s mum that Geoff and Melody saw each other at¬†Nicole’s party…..But¬†Annie really does care for her brother and friends. She was very happy when Nicole gave her nice, fashionable clothes,¬†thinking that Nicole really wanted to be her friend. But later finds out that Nicole only did this to try to get information out of her about Geoff..

Miles Copeland [ Josh Quong Tart]

We first see Miles in¬†Episode 4560, the 2007 season finale. He arrives in the Bay looking like a tramp ( which may sound a bit harsh) but his clothes were ragged, he looked like he had not shaved for a very long time, his shoes were very badly ripped…He had no money, Roman gave him some food because he felt sorry for him. And he nearly gets run over by Morag.

~ He then encounters Sally. Who immediately felt a very strong connection between them. And she is really kind to him, and even gives him odd jobs around the caravan park…

~ He finally comes clean to Sally and tells her that they have actually met in the past, and she knows him as “Milco” and he is actually her brother. Sally is really shocked at this because she cannot recall it…He tells her that if it was not true how would he know about it and how would he have been able to write it on the sand a few days ago…==>(sally had saw it and thought some one was playing a joke on her) Miles then started to tell her about their family to try and jog her memory…And eventually Sally gets a imagine in her head of them sharing a birthday together. And that their were in fact twins. This reunion between the two is really sweet and emotional. Below is a few pictures of them reunited and

picture of their parents celebrating their birthday .==>

~ Another significant thing we learn about Miles is that he was a teacher in the past, and he was married to a woman called Lousie and they had a aughter called Amber. But on a holiday together in Phuket, the tsunami hit and his wife and daughter got swept away and drown. When he told Sally this, it was very sad, and we as audience and feel the pain he went thriough. This shattered his world and resulted to him feeling that there was no purpose in his life and from that day on he started to walk, and kept walking, until he got  Summer Bay, there was something different about it, which made him want to stay.

~ We also learn because on Phuket he developed a phobia of water, when he tells Sal about it, she offers her support, and Sal always knows what to say at the right time, and eventually he conquers this fear of water.  pic of when Sal is helping him through the fear==>

~When Sally planned to leave the Bay, Miles decided to stay because for the first time in ages it felt like home, and he also got a job at summer bay high as a teacher. And if he stayed he could help Sal look after the House caravan, Ric and Mattie. Before Sal left sh gave half the house to him. So he is currently living in Summer Bay House with Alf, Ric and Mattie.

~ I personally think Miles is a very sweet character who has been through so much, and has managed to pick himself up(with the help of Sal) this shows he has courage, determination and motivation. He is also a interesting and fun teacher. He has an great personality, caring, funny, smart but sometimes obilvioustopeople(likewhenJazz looked like she was flirting with him) I think there will be more interesting storyline for him, we will just have to wait and see what will happen in Miles life next…………………………………

Roman Harris [Conrad Coleby]

He first arrived in episode 4554, at first we hardly knew any thing about him except that Irene thought he was poor as it seemed like he lived in his car. But then we found that he was not, because when he found out that Leah was trying to sell her half of the diner he offered to buy it.. Most of the people in the Bay seemed to take a big liking to him when he first arrived, but Irene had doubts…He was also winning everyone over with his cooking skills and eventually Irene found out that he was¬† a nice guy…

But for a while we still did not know much about him, because he seemed not to want to talk about his past. That was till he saw Miles, who he recognised from Phuket, and then we finally learn that Roman used to be in the army(SAS)..

The first person Roman started to date in the Bay was Martha, they hittedit off quite well, and there was a huge attraction between the two.¬†She even moved in with¬†him after her home in the diner was classed as “unsafe to live in”, however her aunt who was living withher also moved in. The relationship between Roman and Martha seemed to be going quite well, until Jack and Sam’s relationship started showing cracks and then Sam died and Martha and Jack were suspects. However Roman stuck by her and believed her, however her connection withJack was also becoming more stronger….After it was discovered that Sam had tried to set them bothup…. Theoretically¬†having all this cleared up and Martha¬†no longer a¬†murder suspect, Martha and Roman can continue with their relationship without the pressure, however he could feel that Martha still had very strong feelings for Jack. And he brokeup with her,¬†because he did not want to be in a love triangle,and she moved out¬†but you can tell he still cared a lot for her.

<==When Roman and Martha were still together

Even though he has only arrived in the Bay a short time, Roman managed to get through to a young troubled teenager called Aden, and helps him through some troubling time. And recently we have seen him movingin with Roman at the Beachside Apartment..

Just before Aden arrives however, there was a knock at the door, and Roman and Morag assumes its Aden but it turns out its Roman’s daughterNicole, and she tells him she wants to live withhiminthe Bay. He is shocked but also welcomes the news because he had wanted to spend time with her as he had only started looking or her after he had left the army. We can tell pretty much straight away that she is really snobby, and spoilt. Below is a picture of¬† when Roman first oepned the door and see’s his daughter

To me Roman seems like a really nice guy, who has a big heart, sweet, smart, has lots of talents. But at the same time his past seems like it has had a huge effect on him today, causing him to be a bit reluctant to tell people more about his past. I think we will find out much more about him in the near future.¬† He seems to have a way with people, because everyone in the Bay likes him, even the rebellious and trouble teen, but I’m wondering if he can control his own daughter, because he seems to just melt into her hands, but I guess we will have to watch and find out ūüėÄ

-Nicole Franklin [ Tessa James]

Nicole has just arrived in the recent episodes in the UK Home and Away episodes on channel five. We know that she is 17. She was raised by her grandparents, and only met Roman in her early teens.This time she has come to the Bay is the second time she has seen Roman. She arrived in the Bay unannounced and was quite a shocked to Roman.

As soon as audience saw her it was apparent that she was going to be a trouble maker, and you could tell that she was a materialistic, rich and spoilt girl. And as soon as she saw Aden everyone could tell there was going to be trouble. And not long after her and Aden start flirting and you can tell she is going to stir up lots of trouble in summer bay, especially with the guys….

<==Nicole and Aden

She tells Roman that she will be staying with him and will attend Summer Bay High School. He is quite happy at the idea that he will now be able to get to know her better.

So she¬† has already set eyes on Aden from the start, but when she see’s Geoff she also flirts and teases him, and because he is the shy type she makes him very nervous. Aden see’s this and warns Geoff of her and then latertriestokiss her but she just teases him… I wonder whats going to happen next with her and the guys! hehehee…

Even though she seems like quite a hand full. So far it seems that she really wants to make her relationship with Roman work and get to know her father much more. And she does seem to get along very weel with him….<== Nic and Roman having so quality time together and him giving her tips on driving…hehehe

Aden Jeffries ~ Todd Lasance

– At the start we see Aden as a big trouble maker at school, but not only that he also stirred up trouble around the Bay… And also tried to get Mattie to go out withhimwhen she broke up with Ric… He had a bad reputation amongst the residence in the Bay so when Annie accused him of getting her drunk everyone assume he did. Even thought he did not. The only person who gave him a chance was Morag who believed behind that tough guy was a actually a good guy…It was finally cleared that Annie had lied. So the charges against him were dropped!!!

– There was another big event in his life, when he thought he caught HIV off Cassie because during a car accident they had their blood were in contact, he was really scared at this point. And when he found out his was negative he was soo relieved

– We soon learn much more about what is hidden under the tough look Aden shows the whole world. When he confronts his father about knowing he was being abused by his grandfather when he was young. Then have a huge arguement and fight where luckily Roman arrived and stopped him.

-Aden showed a particular connection towards Roman he found it easy to talk to him, and Roman understood him very well…Even thought they hardly knew which other. Roman gave him space and was more laid back and seem more like a mate to Aden rather than just a grown up who told him what to do.

-When Aden tooke refuge in the old diner after the arguement with his father. It was unstable and collapsed on him. Resulting in him having a short term memory lost and forgeting about the arguement him and his father had. When he finally remembers, Rach helps him throught this tough time as she helps Aden and his father resolve some tough issues that have been hidden for many years.

When he leaves the hospital however he decided to did not want to go home just yet because it would be very hard. So Rachsuggeststo Roman that seeing as Aden trust him maybe he should take him in. After some consideration Roman agrees and Aden moves in with Roman and Morag.. But at the same time Roman’s daughter Nicole arrives unexpectly too. So now there are two teenager living under the same roof, which Roman had not signed up for…

<–(Aden’s arrival¬†to Roman’s house)

РFrom the first time that Aden and Nicole laid eyes on each other, we can see there is going to be trouble. First there was lots of flirtation betweenthe two, then Nicole sets her eyes on Geoff and Aden gets a bit jealous. Because he had always not likeGeofffrom the start because Geoff was like the boy who never got in trouble  and was picked to play rugby instead of him, so he had always been a bit jealous of Geoff. He and Nicole then did a bet where she said she can get Geoff to sleep with her within 2 weeks. That plan eventually failed coz Belle caught on and then Roman found out.

-Whilst living at Roman’sweslowly see Aden change and is starting to be more responsible and more understanding towards other people.¬† He gets on well with Roman, Morag and Rachel the most.

He has even tried to keep Nicole from doing bad things, because he is really grateful of everything that Roman has done for him, and wants to stay out of trouble because he enjoys living at Roman’s place!!

– In the recent Ukepisodeswe see that he has started to like Belle, even though he refuses to admit this to Nicole who has noticed that he tries to impress Belle. We can see that something is going to happen between Aden and Belle in the near future…

Short important Episode highlights:

*Episodes 4873- Irene comes out of prison

*Episodes 4875 ‚Äď Roman has to go to prison for a very long time, and Nic moves in with Miles and Kirsty.

New Character May comes to Summer bay

*Episodes 4876 – 4877 ‚Äď Tony tries to kill Angelo

*Episode 4881 – We learn that it was Donna that killed Lou!! Irene is now in the clear.. Wohooo

*Episode 4882 – After everyone’s warning towards Nicole about Trey, she finally trips and falls ( Trey filmed them having sex and the whole of Summer Bay see’s the video at the Summer Bay film festival)

* Episode 4883 – Nic finally realize how caring Miles, Kirsty, Jai and all her friends are towards her.

Charlie is jealous of May, and accidently let slip about Angelo killing Jack. But after Angelo tells his side of the story to May she forgives him.

* Episode 4885 – After buying Belle’s engagement ring, Aden could not keep up with the payment, so he borrows money from a loan shark, Clint, who buys the ring and says that Aden just has to do a few things for him then he will give the ring to Aden.

* Episode 4888 – After Geoff knocks out Lachie in the Rugby game, and he faces the possibility of being paralysed. Claudia cannot take it anymore, and finally confess to Geoff that the baby is not his.

Belle’s health has gone a bit strange as she occasionally gets dizzy.

* Episode 4892 – After Jai and Xavier finds a few guns at Martha’s farm, she takes it that they belong to Geoff and Annie’s grandad, Bruce. So she plans to ask them first then take the guns to the police station. But then Jai and Xavier end up mucking around with it and Xavier accidently shoots Jai.

Martha becomes jealous of Charlie, as she mistakenly believed that Hugo and Charlie are back together

At the same time Charlie continues to get jealous at Angelo and May as she learns Angelo has asked May to move in with him

* Episode 4894 – Claudia decides she can’t be with Lachie and now it’s time to stand on her own two feet so she leaves Summer Bay for good.

Clint tells Aden that he must throw the next rugby game, unable to do this all by himself, Aden tells Geoff what is happening and asks him to help. Which of course Geoff refuses and assures him that he will not let Aden throw the game!

Trey’s step-father continues to push him into all sorts of things, forces him to join the life guard team, go on the school trek.

* Episode 4895 – After failing to throw the game, Aden decides to come clear with Clint that he is no longer willing to have anything to do with it. Clint threated that this is not the end of it. But Aden walks away. However Geoff see’s this and jumps to the conclusion that Aden is continuing to do dodgy things so he goes and tells Tony about Aden throwing the game.

Miles continue to get more and more obess about having a baby, however not knowing that Kirsty is still taking the pills.

Nic seeing how Trey’s step-father is treating him, decides to do the “big” thing and tells Miles and barlett that she thinks it would be a good thing if Trey can go on the school trek.

At the end of this episode we see Trey surfing the net looking at a website on how to make home made bomb.

* Episode 4896 – Aden comes clean to Belle about all the troubles he had come under lately, and why he went to the loan shark. She sympathies with him, and later tells him how much she loves him. And surprises him by prosposing to him.

But we later see Belle and Rachel discussing something which is seem very severe, that they are trying to hide from Aden.

Irene plans to shut down Lou’s business but does not have the heart to tell Aden he will be out of a job.

And the end of this episode, we see Rachel telling Belle she has managed to help her so she can get married in a fortnight. then Rachel tells Belle she should tell Aden but she will support Belle regardless. Belle then says “how can I tell the man I love that I’m dying……..”

*Episode 4898 – we see Hugo sneakily go out on his boat a few times then lies to Angelo when asked where he was the previous night. Making Angelo even more suspicious. And the end of the episode we see Angelo spring Hugo thinking his doing something illegal on the boat. However Angelo shocks Hugo and Martha who were secretly meeting up on the boat!!

Episode 4899 ‚Äď the trek begins, Ruby tries to match make Jai and Anne back together. And very soon they are alone together, but things start to get worse as they get lost in the bushes. And Jai starts to get ill due to the gun shot wound for a few days ago when Xviar shot him accidently.

*Episode 4900 ‚Äď Trey plants a bomb under the bus.

*Episode 4901 ‚Äď Everyone on the bus starts to panic. Kirsty tries to keep everyone under control. Nic then finds the book which Trey had written down all the people that he hates and will get revenge on. ( Jai, His step-dad, Kirsty, Nic). We see that Trey is even more messed up than we actually thought. Also in the book has diagrams of his bomb making.

*Episode 4902 – Martha and Hugo were in the area of the trek as Hugo forgot to give the house keys to Xviar. They then discover everyone on the school bus. And the bomb has minutes to explode, so Hugo must disconnect the bomb with John’s help.

* Episode 4903 – Trey manages to escape.

John and Hugo are injured. And Hugo is in an critical condition.

* Episode 4904 – Rachel decides to throw an hen’s party for Belle. Whilst Aden has a buckz party, and gets very drunk!!!

At the party the girls exchange stories, soon after Rachel starts to have contraction and is rushed to hospital, but they could not contact Tony, who attended Aden’s buckz part!!!

* Episode 4905 ‚Äď eve of wedding, end of previous nic finds out belle is dying. Amanda n ryan come to town for belle‚Äôs wedding

After seeing Aden, Nic could not lie to him any more, so she finally breaks it to him.

Aden goes to the hospital and see‚Äôs Belle lying on the bed, looking very weak, he is so shocked he rushs off. Leaving Belle calling after him. She discharges herself from the hospital to go and find him. He is so shocked that he refuses to talk or see her, and she is outside their house begging him. But he completely shuts down on her. It’s like you can feel all their pain. Belle, Aden and Nic‚Äôs ( Jessica, Todd and Tessa) acting in this episode was amazing, so real, touching, I cried so much within a few mins. Its all so heart wrenching.

*Episode 4907 ~ Its the day of Belle and Aden’s wedding. Everyone around Belle is excited for her and Aden, but she is totally in doubt about whether Aden will arrive at the wedding or not! They both love each other so much and want to get married but Aden feels heart broken that they wont be able to spend their rest of their life together. Amanada senses something is wrong but she figures Belle is just nervous. Nic tries to talk to Aden to try and convince him to go to the wedding, but he feels too angry that Belle lied to him. But Nic explains to him that she lied to him so that he wont be hurt and would have a pefect wedding. It’s heart breaking to know that she is really ill but at the same time this is made ten times worse from the pressure of the wedding. Nic gives aden a letter that Roman wrote him. He reads it and starts to think more deeply about everything. As the time drew ever so close to the wedding, Belle doubts he is coming even more and finallly announces to all the guest there wont be a wedding today. But as soon as she said that Aden appears and says ” since when.”

The wedding was so beautiful, it took place overlooking the sea, and they both looked so beautiful. A match made in heaven!

On some level it was good that most people their did not know she was ill as this meant they could really enjoy the wedding

At the end of the episode wee see Angelo taking Charlie for a surprise picnic, and they arrive at the pier, where Joey use to live, she panic’s and she steps out into the road and a car scraps her. and at the end we see the driver is Bret.

*Episode 4908 ~ Charlie goes into hospital, and the doctor says she has a dislocated pelvis, and Morag and her dad finds out that Angelo and Charlie are seeing each other. Furthermore the doctor let slip that charlie probably had similar problem when she had her pregnance. Ross quickly denies this and says she was not pregant.

When Charlie wakes up she is even more stressed with the pressure from Morag about her seeing Angelo. Later on we see Ross persuading Charlie she should tell the truth about something in the past and not to keep it as a secret anymore, for her sake. But she refuses, and says she can’t.

Rachel and baby Harry are discharged from the hospital, but rachel is very stressed out and tries to do everything via the book. Whilst Tony tries to assure her everything will be fine and they dont have to do everything the book says.

*episode 4909 ~

*Episode 4916 ~ Belle gets weaker and weaker. and tells Nic to tell Irene that she thinks she is close to her time.¬† Aden stays by Belle’s side. Their chemistry together is so power, you just cant help but feel wrapped into their pain. Everyone around Belle are breaking down but somehow she seems to be very calm. Nic is struggling immensly with all this but in front of everyone she tries to be strong. she confides in Sid that she just wishes there was a way to numb all the pain and not have to think about anything. He starts to worry and says she ought to talk to a specialist about it all but she dismisses it. Belle tells Aden to phone Amanada and tell her the truth. She rushes back from the city, and demands that Belle be taken into hospital for treatment. Much to Aden’s disapproval, as they all know that she wants to spend her remain time at home with those she loves. After some discussion, Amanda finally accepts that Belle is dying and grants her wish.

At the end of this episode we see Aden taking Belle back to Irene’s house because she wanted to go home. And they both rest in Belle’s old room. This is when Belle starts to have flashbacks of times they spent together. Then we see them fall asleep in each others hands. Then Aden wakes up and realises that Belle has passed away in his arms.

Below are some pictures I put together a tribute for “Adelle”

It’s hard not to get attached tothe soap, and feel empathy for the characters because you have watched and followed them through so much for so many years that you feel you¬† “actually know them” so when they hurt you feel kind of hurt too. This just reflects that their acting and the script and storyline are just so well written and portrayed.

((truthfully at the begininning when Belle and Aden got togehter I had some reservation about them, but as time when by, something beautfiul began, their chemistry, and connection worked very well, what they went through 2gether, made them stronger as people and as an couple. And in the end, they just became a match made in heaven, and many fans, were left heart broken when Belle left! But Adelle will be remembered))

belle and aden mix 01

adelle mix 2

adelle mix

*episode 4917 ~¬† At the start of this episode we see flashbacks for Belle saying goodbye to all those she loved, Geoff, Annie, Irene, Nic and Aden. The way they filmed this part was perfect, what she said to them individually only lasted about 2 minutes per person but the words, emotions all made it very powerful. I cried throughtout. It was too painful. Personally I thought that all their acting was amazing, and I’m sure many will agree with me.

Last words from Belle: She gave Geoff her keys to her car, gave Annie her camera and told her never to let anyone stop her doing something she wanted, Belle’s word to Irene was if possible the most heart wrenching part, she struggled to¬† put together how much she owed and thanked Irene for everything that she had given to her. (Irene was like her mother, everything to her, without Irene there would not have been the Belle taylor today). Then we see Nic remember Belle’s last words to her which was she gave Nic the necklace that she helped Aden pick out for her. And told her to help look after Aden when she died because Nic was the only other person that could get through to him.

Then it shows the funeral of Belle. Irene came a tear-jerking speech. Then it was Aden’s turn, and basically he summed it all up, it sucks knowing that he wont be able to wake up next to Belle, he would be able to have a future without, it all just sucks. We then see Liam coming into the funeral “off his face”

After the funeral they see a delievery of balloons, and they all think its some kind of joke. Until the delivery guy says it was paid for by Belle Taylor. Then they realised she knew that they would be down after the funeral and wanted to cheer them all up.

When Nic later tells Aden that Belle had given her the necklace he is furious and kicks her out. Nic feels all the pain and just wants to forget, and she see’s Liam and they drive off together.

[rockyou id=153308743&w=450&h=338]

*Episode 4922 ~ Baby Harry is still missing and Rachel and Tony are struggling deeply with it all. Hugo finds out that Aden will start working with Gibbsy catching illegal abalone. And matters are made worse when he discovers that Angelo will be raiding it that night. So he tries to get Angelo to let Aden off because of what he is going through with Belle’s death. But Angelo refuses. So Hugo takes matters into his own hands and springs them at night, dragging Aden away. Hugo then tries to talk to Aden about the lost of a loved one, because when Hugo was a teen his girlfriend died whilst he was driving the car. So he tries to tell Aden he understands what he is going through but Hugo still fails to get through to Aden.

Nic and Indi are both worried about Aden, when they can’t find him anywhere. When they split up to look for him, Indi finds him and takes him home, but when Nic walks in she mistakes that Indi is trying to make a move at him.

*Episode 4923 ~ Irene gives Aden the letter that Belle wrote before she died (to be honest the letter was not that good, i expected it to be very emotional and would cause he to fall back onto the tracks) but all she basically says is he should move on and let other people help him.

Nicole and Indi are still fighting as Nicole misunderstand that she tried it on with Aden whilst he was vulnerable, even though she was just trying to help Aden for Nicole’s sake. Miles and Sid decides to have a dinner all together so that the girls could make up… However in the end Nicole and Sid have a moment! Which Sid senses and quickly leaves.

Irene drops by Aden’s and finds him with another girl, she is shocked, and he says he is just doing what Belle told him to do, move on, and he shuts the door on Irene. And he then sits there and we see he is still very much heartbroken

*Episode 4924 ~ Miles and Kirsty are going through a rough patch due to her spending more and more time at uni and neglecting her family! They come to blows, but thanks to Alf and Leah they patch things up.

Ross becomes worried as Charlie withdraws and shuts down on him! So he decides to confront her. And she finally breaks and erupts, griving rise to all her passed suppressed emotions and anger towards him because he did not protect her after the whole rape incident. And he told her not to press charge against the guy who raped her because 4 months had past and he said all the evidents would have gone by then and he did not want her dragged through courts. However Charlie felt that she lost all her dignity and she is very scared that she could loose Ruby too!!!!! She blasted at Ross and said if she looses Ruby she would never forgive him!

Meanwhile Ruby and Geoff arrives at her Auntie Michelle’s house! That was where Charlie when after her whole odeal. This is where she went to ride. Auntie Michelle manages to get through to Ruby, and explains to her completely what state of mind Charlie was in, and that Charlie did not hate Ruby, but instead hated herself. She showed Ruby a photo album of what Charlie did when she stayed with her, the album showed that Charlie cut out all pictures of her own face because after the rape she hated herself! Ruby slowly comes round, and we see Ruby and Geoff talking to each other and we can see them forming a bond…

*Episode 4925 –¬† Ross awakes on the beach. And later stumbles to Rachel’s house! Morag and Charlie arrives and takes him home! Ruby and Geoff returns, after she hears about Ross getting lost!! Ruby seems to have forgiven Ross but not Charlie completely, however she has started to understand and is slowly trying to see things from Charlie’s point of view!!! But she tells Charlie that she needs some time and space to think and get her head around everything!!!

Angelo is really sweet in the past few episodes and has been very supported of Charlie and everything she is going through!

Annie and Dexter share a kiss together!

Episode 4926 ~ Ross accidently hits Morag when he tried to stop a fight between Xavier and Geoff. Nicole continues to get more down. And her feeling for Sid starts to grow…Even though she seems fine to everyone, deep down she is crumbling. She is there for everyone yet she can’t open up to anyone about her troubles. It’s horrible that Roman is not there. He also sold his share of the diner to Leah and put the house in Nic’s name!

Ross’s condition continues to get worse. And he decides that it’s best if he goes into full time care! and move back to the city.

Ruby decides she wants to find her real father. And her and Charlie’s relationship still has not been mended, she still cant trust Charlie. It is quite sad to see this because they use to share everything with each other and their relationship was so strong!

Episode 4927 ~ Ruby tries to track down her father, after she finds out his name is Grant Bledcoe. It’s like she is about to open a can of worms/

Morag moves in with Aden. which is quite cool, because she is one of the few people who can get through to him!

Episode 4928 ~ Dexter and Sid clashes, because Dexter heard a message from a woman.

It’s Brendan’s 21st birthday so his family and friends celebrate their birthday at the surf club.

It’s Nicole’s 18th birthday but everyone has fogotten and she tries once again to get Sid’s attention but he assumes her that nothing can ever happen between them!

Xaviar becomes more jealous of Ruby and Geoff.

We see that Angelo has actually come to the Bay for a bigger case. And it has something to do with Hugo!

Episode 4929 ~ Angelo persuades Gibbsy to wear a wire to dig dirt on Hugo.

Charlie and Angelo’s relationship seems to be improves a lot. But he feels guilty about not being able to tell Charlie about digging dirt on Angelo.

Gina’s boyfriend arrives in the Bay, wanting her to go travelling with him.

Miles feels that Kirsty is withdrawing from him but he can’t figure out why! Then later we see Kirsty and her uni friend Justin in his car and she is tearfully and saying how she does not know how to tell him. and Justin told her she just has to tell Miles how she feels. But then Kirsty see’s Miles and she quickly tells Justin to drive off…Leah thinks that Kirsty is having an affair. Leah tells Miles about what she show.

Then Miles and Kirsty have a big row.

Gina and Ted go travelling together for a month. And Brendan stays with Hugo.

We see Kisrty sitting at home crying then she pulls out a pregnance test and it shows she is pregant.

Episode 4930 ~ Annie and Dexter are secretly going out but she is scared that she will hurt him. But Jai still feels he has a chance with Annie.

Jai finds Kirsty’s pregnance kit in the bin, and accidently bluts it out when Miles was there.

Rachel and Tony are still quite distance after the whole kidnapping events. Rachel goes to her first mother classes, and meets a widower called Andy. And they seem to hit it off together quite well.

Kirsty does not know how to cope with being pregnant. And she tells Miles she does not know if she wants to keep the baby.

Jai builds annie a website and puts the domain name on a keyring, and is exicited to give it to her but when he goes round to her house, he is shocked to see her kissing Dexter.

Episode 4931 ~ Jai is furious with Annie and he feels betrayed.

Sid tries his best to avoid Nic, and tells her she is being selfish and she is jeopodising his realationship with his children. and tells her to stop it.

But Nic continues to persue Sid. And manages to get Indi and Dexter to go to the cinema and then she turns up at the house and kisses Sid.

Episode 4932 ~ After seeing Nic and her dad kissing. Indi is so shocked she meets up with some uni friends. They end up smoking some joints. And then Indi accidently falls onto a glass table.

Ruby goes to the city and pretends to be a young girl looking for babysitting job and tricks Grant’s wife into letting her in the house. And see that he has two young children. When he comes home she lashes at him. And shouts you ruined our life and your a monster, then she leaves. Charlie and Geoff worried about Ruby’s well being looks through her stuff and see’s she was trying to find Grant. Charlie drives to the city and finds Ruby upset and drives her home. As Grant looks on at them from a distance.

Episode 4933 ~  Grant arrives in the Bay and manages to get Charlies phone number of Leah. He then calls and Ruby happens to pick up the phone. He persuades her to meet him so he could tell his side of the story. He tells her that Charlie consented to having sex with him, but when she fell pregant she got scared so lied and said she got raped. And Ruby falls for this.

Charlie see’s Grant and Ruby together and starts to attack him. And when they get home she is heart broken to find that Ruby believes Grant over her!

Indi’s friends finally take her to the hospital but because they left it all quite late the doctors are not sure there will be no scar left after surgery.

Indi’s mother decides its time she takes Indi and Dex back to the city because Sid is a terrible dad.

Episode 4934 ~ Brenden starts his first day at school, and it goes very well. Xavier and Hugo see he has become more settled and independent. When Jai accidently breaks Annie’s camera¬† Brendan fixes it.

Annie is left feeling lost and upset after Dex goes. Jai thinks he has a chance to get back with her now that Dex has gone. But Annie makes it brutally clear she does not ove him anymore.

There is still a barrier between Rachel and Tony as distance grows between them.

Morag suggest to Martha to get Aden to work on the farm, but when he finds out about it he ends up lashing out at her. Hugo later talks to him. And Aden goes to the farm to help Martha. She talks to him, and she knows how hard it is to loose someone. As Martha seems to get through to Aden finally,  and he continues to farm Aden finally brokes down and shows how he is really feeling, he says to Martha it hurts so much how do you do  it?

Episode 4935 ~ Aden seems to be recovering a bit more, he offered to cook Morag dinner. And he apoligizes to Irene for lashing out at her before.

As Ruby feels her and Xavier are growing further apart. Her and Geoff seem to be getting closer. As they both go through tough times in their life, they manage to lean on each other and find comfort in each other and their bond strengthens.

Geoff struggles with school and quits

Charlie starts to investigate unsolved sexual assault cases near where Grant lives.

At night Aden sneaks into Belle’s room like he use to.

Episode 4936 ~ Charlie becomes fixated on Grant being a rapist, much to Angelo’s disapproval. Grant later finds Charlie at the diner and ask her to back off. Things get heated up with Grant implies that if she does not back of and he ends up loosing everything, all he would have left in his family is Ruby, and this Charlies blasts at him, If you dont stay way from her I will kill you. Angelo arrives just in time to drag her off.

Hugo plans to revive his diving business by proposing to sink a old boat, because people like diving towards a sunken boat!

Nicole continues to persue Sid, as he tries harder to push her away the more she seems to come back. After Nicole arrives at his house, they share a kiss but he pulls away eventually and demands she lives immediately.

Episode 4937 ~ Charlie goes to the city after some follow up that could be related to Grant. She met up  with a lady called Brooke who confessed to Charlie that Grant had raped her after a night out! Then paid her off to not mention it to anyone. Out of fear she took the money and left, and hoped she could burry it forever.

Hugo’s plan for the sink were put in jeopardy as John Palmer works against the idea!

Ruby and Xavier’s relationship continues to show cracks.

Grant’s wife comes to Summer Bay and meets up with Ruby and tells her that she is back together with Grant. And that she totally believes Grant.

Nicole books a romantic holiday for her and Sid, and she does not back down. Sid threatens to tell Miles about all this but then Nicole says are you going to tell Miles that you kissed me! and he storms out.

Charlie returns to the Bay, and sits by the beach getting more and more angry at not being able to bring Grant down even though she knows he has assulted other women. She then see’s him in the surf club and tells him, he’s right they need to do whats best for Ruby so she propose they all meet up and talk. But in the car she uses a taser gun on him, and he falls unconscious.

Episode 4938 ~ Ruby gets worried about Charlie, and Morag chats to her. Telling her that Charlie is properly very upset that Ruby does not believe her side of the story. Ruby becomes more concern over Charlie’s frame of mind, because she always seem to be so calm and together but lately she seems to be getting more unpredicatable and this scares Ruby a lot she is worried that Charlie will do something bad towards Grant.

Charlie kidnapps Grant, and results to torturing him to make him confess the truth.

Ruby and Geoff talk and something he says clicked in Ruby, and she rushes off. she finds Charlie yelling at Grant in this secluded cabin. Ruby and Charlie goes outside. and ruby tells her she is loosing it. Charlie then describe her howling experience of that night, and tells her how Grant had told her after the rape that this was not the first time he made a girl cried, implying that he had done this before even though he was just a 15 year old boy.

After quitting school, Geoff hears that Irene might be starting the trawler up again and is determinted to get a job on there, Irene tells Geoff if he can convince Aden to work on the trawler than Geoff can have a job there too. Geoff tries to talk to Aden about it but he refuses. Annie later tells Aden, Belle would not want him to waste away his life. Geoff later finds Aden sleeping in Belle’s room. He tells Irene and she reveals that he has been doing that for the past few nights, its his way of dealing with it all. Geoff see’s from Aden’s point of view how much he is still suffering from Belle’s death.

When Charlie leaves Ruby and Grant in the room together, she quickly unties him. but when she comes back, ruby tells her to let it go. Just as Charlie backs down, Grant says something that Charlie peviously told ruby Grant had said to her after he raped her. Ruby now truly see’s Charlie was telling the truth after all. Grant then says so even more terrible stuff, and then tell’s Charlie and Ruby there is no point mentioning this because if they do, he will tell everyone how Charlie kidnapped and tortured him and she will loose her job. After he leaves, Charlie breaks down and sobs in Ruby’s arms. Ruby finally see’s the truth. And that night she moves back in with Charlie.

Episode 4939 ~ Aden decides to give it a shot, working on the trawler again, and Geoff joins him. But like always those two never see eye to eye. and they start arguing and fighting. And accident occurs and Aden gets an electric shocked and falls into the sea. His heart stops beating for a bit, but Geoff manages toresuscitate him. This gives Aden a new light on life, and he finally starts to live again.

A young guy arrives in the Bay searching for his little brother. He is quite a charmer and tries to chat up Martha then Annie. alf says a very funny phrase when he see’s Romeo trying to chat up Martha. He says is it me or are they making them cocker nowadays. hehehe

Tony and Rachel spend less and less time together. He tries to make an effort but Rachel always seems to be doing something else. And she has now taken on helping Andy with his children too.

We see Romeo arrive at the caravan park and asks Miles if he can help him find his little brother. Miles is shocked to hear when Romeo says his little brother lives here. And his name is Jai.

Episode 4940 ~ We learn that Jai and Romeo were very close when they were in foster home! Romeo offers to help Jai win back his ex girlfriend

Tony’s tolerate levels for Rachel starts to reach errupting point. Rachel seems to spend more and more time with Andy and would not let tony touch Harry.

Nicole continues to harrass Sid. and he continues to ignore her calls and texts.

Romeo is shocked to find Annie is Jai’s ex girlfriend because he is starting to fall for her.

Annie goes to Sid’s house wanting to talk to him about Dexter but is shocked to find Nicole swimming in the pool there.





Ep 4992 ~ Aden reads the last ever letter Belle has left for him. She tells him

He that its time for him to move on and that the girl must be someone special. Belle telles him he should let himself move on. And she knows he will always love her, and she knows he will have her tattooed in his soul and she will love him forever. And wants him to be happy now, and have the next love of his life.

Nic finally realises that she loves Aden and has always have.

Nic and Liam break up.

Ep 4993

Aden and nic get arrested for stealing Poppy’s car

Leah bumps into the guy that fix the diner. And she starts to have feeling for him.

Martha takes bam bam to Liam for guitar lesson and finds the pills that Poppy left behind.

Whilst locked up in the cell Aden and Nic have a heart to heart and he shows her the letter and tells her he likes her and Belle has give him permission to move on.

Ep 4994~ Dereck mysteriously escapes.

Hugo tells his family his leaving. Martha see’s this and is heartbroken.

Miles thought Leah was giving him signals and goes to kiss her, but surprise she pulls away telling him he got it run. Later that night at the Christmas dinner he see’s her with another guy and he feels like everything in his life is ruined and drinks his sorrows away and breaks down alone on the beach.

Xiaver starts to remember things from the accident but gets an uneasy feeling about it all.

Ep 4995~ Suzie kidnapps Martha. And threatens if Hugo does not give her the money and leave with her, she will hurt Martha. Xivaver remembers that during the attack Dereck said something about containers and that Hugo cant back out now.

Angelo and Charlie get ever so close to discovering the people smuggling. Angelo sees Dereck and Susie arguing, then he hears noise coming from the boot of the car which he opens it he is shocked to see Martha inside.

Charlie manages to get into the container and discovers lots of Indonesia people inside. But then someone from behind her tells her to put the torch down and when she turns around its hugo holding a gun facing her. And he knocks her unconscious.

ep 4997

Suzy’s boat does towards Hugo’s. He tells Charlie that they have to work together to prevent Suzy winning. Charlie is reluctant but concludes it’s the only way. Whilst Charlie deals with Suzy, Hugo takes that opportunity to escape.

The bullet only glazed Angelo’s head and he continues to run after Derrick. In the end Martha helps him, and they capture Derrick.

At the hospital Martha visits Angelo and she thanks him for saving her life.

Even though he says he was just doing his job. Martha knew it was more than that. Angelo then says. ‚Äúif I could take back that night, take Jack‚Äôs place I would not hesitate. Jack was a better man then I would ever be..‚ÄĚ

Martha: I forgive you Angelo.

This was a very well acted and filmed scene, both of their emotion said a lot. Its water under the bridge now, it’s harder to forgive than to hate. But to some extent I don’t think Angelo will ever forgive himself.

Its ironic Hugo people traffic, and Martha ends up looking after and caring for one of the children he trafficked. And she develops a strong bond with him.

Tony leaves a message on the answering machine but before he could finish Rachel cuts him off. Hugo on hearing the unfinish message, gets out of it that Angelo was shot and Martha… As his conscience hits in, instead of escaping first with the money he decides to go to the hospital to see Martha.

At seeing Hugo, Martha is filled with angry at his crime but at the same time she knows deep down that he did really love her. And he says being with you made me change. I wanted to be a better person. She is over come with emotion. As Hugo turns to leave and opens the door, Angelo is there waiting for him.

Charlie lays out all Hugo’s crime, however he still denies it all. Angelo then comes in with some evidence.

As Angelo takes Hugo outside to the police car. He allows Hugo and Martha to have a final chat before he is taken away. As Hugo apologizes. A man comes up to him and shoots him and escapes. Angelo rushes over and pronounce Hugo had gone.

ep 4998 ~ Gina finds it hard to take in Hugo’s death but even more so with his crimes and hidden secrets. She refuse to go to his funeral much to Xavier’s horror.

After the Christmas dinner Miles disappears for a few nights. As he lays drunken on the beach, he is woken by a little girl who questions what his doing there? Her bubbly characteristic makes him a bit happier. And he later learns her name is Rabbit and she is going to be staying at the caravan park for a while.

At Hugo‚Äôs funeral, we see Martha devastated. However from a distant we see a parked car. And learn that Hugo is not actually dead. A flashback of one week explains it all. Angelo gave Hugo the option of naming all those behind the people trafficking. So that he would be able to not get tracked by the people behind it and they would not go after Martha and his family. Angelo figured it would be safer for everyone if Hugo was ‚Äúdead‚ÄĚ.

Xavier is reeling from his brother’s death when he finds a letter left by Hugo telling him his proud of him and knows he will look after their family and that he loves him and is shocked to find that Hugo had left him $100000. Telling him to do good with the money.





Ep 6067 ~ Elijah takes VJ’s classmates on a trip into the cave. things get out of hand when the coach gets stolen and they end up having to trek their way back in very rainy condition. they stop to rest in a rest. Miles see’s in his vision that Elijah, VJ, Leah and the kids are in trouble. Rabbit tells him its real and he is the only one that can save them. they set off in the car to try and search for them before its too late.

Ep 6068 ~ Its finally time for Miles to say goodbye to Rabbit. He struggles with it but when Rabbit tells him that mum will look after her. He see’s his wife and realize it is time for him to let go for good. After Justin revelation about Aden’s life in the Bay, Nicole is left question whether he is right. She tries talking to Aden about whether he is happy with his life, and she is left unconvinced.

Ep 5069 ~Martha is still reeling from knowing that Hugo could still be alive.  She could no longer keep the secret and ends up telling Xavier that his predictions about Hugo being in witness protection was correct. They then go together to tell Gina, Rachel and Tony.

Aden is still devastated by the fact that Nicole dumped him. He keeps going to see Nicole for a explanation but she shots him down each time.¬† He finally decides that it really is over after Nicole tells him to tell her that he loves her and he could not. To Justin’s delight Aden agrees to leave with him and go to the city.

Ep 5070 ~ Hugo meets Xavier and explains to him the situation. Hugo then goes to see Gina at the school, and she is furious.

Ep 5071 ~¬† After a long chat she finally hugs him. As Gina and him chat, suddenly Xavier and Martha come in. When she see’s him she faints.

Ep 5072 – Martha see’s Hugo and all her pain disappears until he tells her he will not be staying. Nicole is shattered after Aden leave. Miles and Ruby try their best to comfort Nicole but she is still very down.¬† Angelo and Charlie make a late night call at Gina’s house to question them about Hugo, unknown to them that Hugo is hiding in the house. Things get very intense but Angelo and Charlie leave empty handed.

Nicole is still glad about her decision to let Aden go because she loves him and wants him to have a future but it does not make the end result any easier. Liam manages to cheer her up a bit.

Ep 5073 ~ Gina tells Miles that he has to prove to the P & C that he is able to teach again. Tony and John continue to bicker about the boxing match. To be honest I find the storyline about Tony and John quite annoying to watching. But I think Rachel is quite funny with how she deals with it.

Romeo and Nicole work together to hatch a very emotional and sweet plan to help Mile get his job back.

ep 5074 ~ Everyone is very happy that Miles can teach again. A letter that Romeo wrote to his mum has been sent back to him, making he feel very angry and confused. Romeo’s mum unexpectedly turns up at the Bay, and she causes a stir amongst the men in the Bay. Furthermore when she appears at the front door of Mile’s house, Romeo is gobsmacked. And we find out romeo’s real name too. *drum rolls* Todd. lol

Ep 5075 ~ Leah and Elijah’s relationship seems to be going well. On the other side, Martha and Hugo are also reconnecting after everything that has gone on. After Romeo and Jill talk, he tells her he is still very angry with her not contacting him after all these years. And she leaves and goes to the surf club and gets drunk. Later Alf and Marilyn brings her home and we can see that Romeo had to deal with this a lot in the past. Elijah ask Leah to marry him. She is unsure and tells him she is not really just yet.










Best Couple of 2011 – Charlie and Brax moments “Chax”

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Life Lessons

an Owner's Guide

Destiny Of Life

What makes Life Precious is that it has to end.

Fun in the Fire

On this site, I muse in amusement.

breaths of my soul

Aspiration, the act of drawing breath, a hope or ambition of achieving something. "But it is a spirit in man, And the breath of the Almighty gives them understanding. Job 32:8


Something for Everyone!

BY's Art

Doodling and Drawing Life

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