(3) Sunrise & Sunset

Gorgeous Nature:
I love the way the sun looks when it rises and when it sets. The effects it has on the sky, environment and on people. It is so beautiful! ^_^
So what comes first sunset or sunrise?! sunrise or sunset??! lol My answer is: does it really matter, it’s a great creation, which people take for granted sometimes.
Here is some facts about “the sun”:
-The sun is actually a star that is the center of the Solar System. It is categories as a yellow dwarf star.
-Many things orbit the sun such as us(earth), planets etc..
-The sun is very useful for us, because it gives us heat, helps plants produce photosynthesis, provides us with solar power….
-around 74% of the sun’s surface mass consist of hydrogen, and around 24% is helium and the remaining mass consist of other elements.
Below is some of the pictures I have taken of the sun, during different days, times, and  places that I would like to share with you. Hope you enjoy it!
I hope to take even more pictures in the future, I want to travel to many different countries and take even more amazing images!!
[rockyou id=104881103&w=500&h=400]
-these images are priceless, and beautiful o^_^o






The sun has set below the mountains! but it will rise again tomorrow!!!

Beautiful sun view

Now remember just stop once or twice during your busy day to just admire the sun, and take in a deep breathe, and it will make you refreshed and relaxed!!!

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