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Quality vs Quantity

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I often find myself loving deeply but not widely, for, I rather have quality than quantity.


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I have found no matter how many times I have upgraded idevice onto a new iOS, the process would still make me nervous. Even if the idevice wasn’t mine and it was a director’s or friend’s, the pressure was still so high. Not that I don’t have faith in Apple but the fear of something going terribly wrong lingers. (I have probably done this more than 50+ times). Truth be told most of the times it had been a pretty painless process.

My personal 4 top tips:

– Going back to the previous iOS is not impossible but nor is it an easy process, therefore research the new iOS before you switch and fully commit.

-Ensure you have backed up your idevice. (I also back up the back up)

-Ensure you have an uninterrupted internet connection for at least 2 hours (yes that is how long the whole process “usually” takes to upgrade)

-Be patient. – If it appears that the device has been “stuck” at a step for a long time [leave it – don’t touch it – let it runs its course] If you interrupt it (pull out the cable/close the programme, it will highly likely corrupt it all.

Below are a few interesting articles on the latest iOS7:

Internet – digital footprints

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Each click we make could potentially be a digital footprint that we are enlarging. Whether it is about yourself or something closely related to you.


We all do it, whether intentionally or unintentionally. It happens. In today’s world we have been made to incorporate it into our lives, whether we want to or not. It is a way of surviving within this techno infested world.


I personally admit I have scattered parts of me into the cyber world. Some parts are broken pieces of me that I no longer know where to put them, and hence have decided to place them into the clouds. The higher I float, the higher it goes. Strangely there are some parts of me on the internet which holds greater depth and meaning than in reality. Furthermore, weirdly enough the internet knows some of my deepest feelings that even those closest to me may not know. How bizarre does that sound?


Evil Monkey has been helpful

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Evil Monkey ( has been helpful…..

to my blog! Lol

How so?

Well please see below:

toppostI have found how this has happened


Trickle of events or domino effect


Thanks evil monkey – let me give you some prime time on my blog seeing as you ain’t a regular on Family guy anymore.

Evil Monkey **now I get to point and communicate with you again – joyous!!!! Please leave a comment and communicate back to me!!**


Part of me

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Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever put so much of myself into something “not real”

This blog has over time become more and more integrated into me, or I have become more into it. To be frank I am unclear as to which has influenced which.

In a bizarre way I find comfort in knowing this, I guess this is how innovation in technology has influenced us. This is apparent in many ways, such as blogging, social network, devices have integrated into our life,and in some cases playing a big part in our life than it should.  Many people, and even celebrities and public figures have taken a very strong interest into putting more and more information onto the web via twitter, instragram, facebook etc…

There are times when my blog knows more about me than reality itself which does seem quite strange.

Technology: A gift or A curse?

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Lately I have read many articles on technology and internet issues.In the past week there have been the following: Some of Google had been hacked in China, Nintendo server being hacked into. A few weeks back, the case of Sony being hacked into and personal information of users were stolen. As technology advances, we find ourselves using it more and more in everyday life, relying on it more and if put into extreme context, we have become totally dependent to it and may at times become slaves to technology. Who can honestly say they do not check their phones or emails at least 2-3 times or more a day? How many of us would say the first thing we grab in the morning before we wake up is our phone?

I am guessing if we actually recorded our own time usage of technology in just one day, we will be shocked. If you think about it this will include: phones, PC, internet, television, gadgets….

The table below show’s how the use of internet has increased dramatically.


World Regions

( 2011 Est.)

Internet Users
Dec. 31, 2000

Internet Users
Mar. 31, 2011

(% Population)





11.4 %





23.8 %





58.3 %

Middle East




31.7 %

North America




78.3 %

Latin America/Carib.




36.2 %

Oceania / Australia




60.1 %





30.2 %

 Technology is like a big block that has numerous compartments that do different things. In very simple view the below rectangle is how my perception of technology is in a very “simple world”. Each one in different shape and size – possessing its own abilities.


“Chicago (IL) – A U.N. report published today states that six in ten people (60%) of the world’s population has a cell phone subscription. The driving growth trend is coming from poor, developing countries. This 60% figure is up from just under 15% in 2002.”

Technology has changed the way we think, interactive, and basically how we live our life because it has become such a big part of our everyday life. Children nowadays have access to so much more technology than years ago. If you think about it, with a PC and internet, a few clicks can transport you to a different world. You can see pictures, music, maps, information about any country in this world, and even out of this world. The use of game consoles have changed the way we interact, in the past kids would play on the streets with each other. Today they would connect using the internet to play games with each other, they would text or message or tweet or skype each other rather than meet up face to face. Meetings at work no longer mean you have to go to a different country or company to see the people face to face, as you can now use video conferencing or Skype.

These have been all due to the way technology has advanced and merged with our life.

As more and more of us input our personal information onto the internet, do we even take a second to think about what kind of risks we are putting ourselves into? How much information our Facebook account has on us? Or Google? or Hotmail accounts? Or Skype? Or online storage? The list goes on.

As technology has further advanced itself, we have been given unlimited access to the “cloud” with sites/applications such as dropbox, opendrive, Zumo drive, and very soon icloud. We will proceed to input greater and more sensitive information onto the internet. The obvious but unconscious issue is that we know we are putting it on there but we do not think about where it is actually going(because that’s the beauty but at the same time flaw of it all).

As we weigh the advantages against the risk of it all, we find ourselves coming to the conclusion that technology does hold many risk(some quite damaging) however the advantages outweigh the risk by a lot hence we continue to find ourselves using it all.

So a gift or a curse, who knows!

What do you think?

It really depends on how you use it, your luck. So let’s just say “Only time can tell.”

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19,795 hits

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When things begin, you never know what’s going to happen. Like when I first started my blog around 3 years ago, it was just a small interest at the time, just to jot down some content, as time went by many things changed, more information, subject, points, thoughts, ideas appeared and subsequently poured over into my blog. I remember the stats use to be only around 20 or so hits a day. Then it slowly increased as topics broaden and intensified and I learnt more about blogging and the internet. Resulting in, nowadays on average I would get around 100 hits. I am quite proud of how sustainable my blogging process has been.

I guess you can never really predict how things will become. The starting point begins and the rest just flows freely and is susceptible to numerous changes. Having said that, there are some things that for me hasn’t seem to have changed much. Feelings that I have felt. You may have changed quite a lot, yet I can’t help the way I feel, and how constantly throughout the day you somehow enter into my mind and when all is quiet at night, my heart and mind does wonder off to you. Far too often I feel that life is too unpredictable.

Strangely but truly enough, blogging has become a great escape and adventure, hoping it will continue to be…..

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