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When the core foundation breaks down…………………….

Posted in Economics, Life, Personal, Society, Thoughts on September 30, 2009 by vixstar1314

What can we do when the core foundation of everything breaks down?

When what you regard as your family, starts to show cracks, communication breaks down,  and finally crumbles around you?! When you know that deep down this should not happen and is not right? When you feel that if this breaks down, it would escalate into a domino effect, leading to everything else in your world to fall….You expect your family to be right, but when it’s not you wonder how you can expect the world to be right! Do we just cope with it? Do we just find salvation else where? My heart sinks for now!!!

Onto a slightly different scenario. Is China a disaster just waiting to happening?? Will their core foundation end up breaking down?

China is booming at the moment, they are importing and exporting a lot. It’s one of the fastest growing countries in the world at the moment. But the affect it is having on its country is not completely beneficial. Such as

1. The environment is badly polluted, this can be seen everyday. As soon as you look out the window, step out into the open, breathe in.. At the best times you can barely see the sun! Surely this cannot be good for nature, and the people!! then there is the polluting of their sea, and their lack of filter system means that this may cause a water shortage in the near future. The amount of coal and electricity they are producing and using is severely damaging their environment.

2. Population Issue ~ china’s one child policy had been going on for quite a while, this itself was suppose to be a solution for the overly populated Country, yet at the same time this policy itself seem to be creating a problem too, which is as time goes by the number of elderly to young will be heavily unbalanced, so there would be more elderly to young people. which will put greater pressure on the young! Especially as the culture in the eastern world, tends to be that the young take care of the elderly when they retire.

We can see the problems, yet it’s like China itself can’t or they just prefer to have the power, growth, at the expense and price of their people and environment. I just don’t understand. Because the repression of all this will one day dawn on China as a country and may break them, and the one’s that suffer the most as always are the vulnerable and poor.

But for centuries China’s foundation has been very strong, and deep down I hope with all my heart that what ever lies ahead they will be able to tackle!!!!!!!!!

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