(((WELCOME)))– > A Little about me and this Blog

Welcome to Vixstar1314’s Blog!!!

Jan 27, 2008

Hope you enjoy your stay!!

I’m new to all this so still trying to get a hang of it!

If you do happen to come on this page, then please leave a comment, short, long, good, bad, funny anything, so I can get an idea of what people’s views are and how to improve my blog to make it better. Thank You, much appreciated!!!!

My Blog will consist of thoughts, music, movies, pictures, aspects of life that everyone has likely experienced at some point in their life. I will write about technology, God, education, travels, tips, personal experiences which tug at my heart. So a bit of everything. So please take a step into my world……………………………………


6 Responses to “(((WELCOME)))– > A Little about me and this Blog”

  1. read M. Scott Peck – People of the Lie, p. 308, quoting Dr Charles K. Robinson “Known”, search google, found you.

  2. vixstar1314 Says:

    just wondering do you have the link where you found my page through this?

    Thanks for your comment!! ^_^

  3. I like your mix of God, songs, news and anime! Following.

  4. vixstar1314 Says:

    Thanks Naomi, much appreciated

  5. Stumbled randomly on your blog. Pretty amusing! Will drop by again for a more detailed reading

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