4D – Digital Data. Death. Data

So everyone dies. It can be very complicated, but the ending is the same. “Death”

It is a sensitive and occasionally taboo subject yet a very real topic. We don’t really think about it because even though we all face the same ending of “death”. We have long-“forgotten” about it, until elements in life reminds us that it is in fact very real and fragile as we are all mortals.

For me the thought crosses my mind more than it really should. Hence why I have drafted up this page. It is a small source of information for anyone who is interested about managing their data before and after death(or as I would like to call it 4D – Digital Data now, Death, Data after death), but also as a place for me to jot down some stuff.

I have to admit, I enjoy typing and writing. I am aware that I am not talented at it but at the very least it is something I enjoy and it brings me to a level of personal clarification that sometimes I am unable to hold in real life.

“The act of writing is the act of discovering what you believe” ~ David Hare

To some extent I don’t especially seek for my words to live on when I am gone, but the thing is I want it to provide some form of understanding to people I know. Furthermore even if it is just to give a very small percentage of people something interesting to read and relate to that for me is enough.

I present to you my thoughts in the form of a blog.


I wouldn’t say that most of my stuff and this blog is of “value” however to me they hold a “personal significant value.” Not to mention I have poured hours and many thoughts and feelings into this blog. Originally the blog just started as something additional to do. However as time went by, I became more absorbed into my blog world. It became so much more to me, and with that it held more of me inside the posts.

I would say I am someone who is technically aware of how technology is influencing our lifestyle, and how we use it. My online accounts are to some extent “neatly organized.” However until now I haven’t taken it to the next level of “organizing it for the beyond” – in other words for that after my death.

As we all proceed to consciously and subconsciously place more of our life into the clouds, many forget two things:

1. A lot of it is available to anyone who is willing to take time to search for it.

2. These pieces of information, words, pictures may well live longer than us.


Ways to manage your data:

*Website that gives you information on how to manager your “things” www.getyourshittogether.org





Google*If I die* http://ifidie.net/


*Legacy Locker* http://legacylocker.com/signup


*Cirrus legacy*  http://www.cirruslegacy.com/cirrus legacy

*Dead man’s switch* http://www.deadmansswitch.net/


*Death Switch* http://www.deathswitch.com/


*Lives On* http://www.liveson.org/connect.php – Currently still under development/testing. This is intended to update your Twitter account after you’re gone by analyzing your likes, tastes and syntax on your original feed – so that “when your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting.”


What may happen after:



*death and digital*


Will they have access:

Will your family be able to have access to your digital accounts, social media accounts etc if you have not set this up before hand? At present different websites and countries vary. Furthermore some countries have more defined laws on this topic, but many have yet to develop to this stage to rule on how digital data should be handled after death.

Your thoughts

Where do you stand on this?
















I have signed up to three the above, and when the time occurs and I have gone then a message would be sent out.

I hope that those who I care about and that care about me would be able to read this and get a sense of further understanding and thus closure.


My last words on this post:

If you are reading this and I am beyond earth then we are now divided, from Earth and Death. I am sorry that it is even more so now, Earth. Digital. Death. Remember there was a time when I was sitting here blood gushing through my veins, thoughts zooming through my brain, feelings overwhelming my inside typing each post. Word by word. Thought by thought. Second by second. Each time you are reading this it is like you are going back in time, in with me to my thoughts and I am sitting beside you.


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