You don’t know the 1/4 of it

There are times when I would like to tell others they don’t know the 1/4 of it. If anyone would ever see the inside of my brain it would give them a massive headache.

My brain ticks constantly. I find it so difficult to stop it from thinking. I absorb my whole surrounding and it hurts. However I can’t stop it.

My mind thinks about so much, so intense, so profound, so deep, so complexed and layered that it gets me to the point where I see the world in a stark view and how we all essentially live to die, and in between stuff are just experiences and processes that moves us along the way to the end.

I often find my mind seeing things that people usually forgo like the color of the sky, the sounds of the birds, the sun, moon and stars changing. I get the universe is massive and we are just a dot within it.



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