Flipping backwards to some old posts

It is strange when I read back on some of my posts and writings, it is like deep down I have expressed so much but over time during each day I forget the essential aspects. They are forced out by daily routines, society’s so call “norms,” and the noises surrounding me constantly from other people. It brings me comfort when I re-read some profound old posts I have written which refreshes my frame of mind again. Brings out the real and meaningful aspects of life again. It reminds me I have grown and developed into as a good person even more than before. I may not have “grown” in the “traditional” way in terms of increase of money, however I have obtained what I believe is more worthy and valuable than money itself. Qualities and experiences that money cannot buy in any way. If I was to cease to exist in this world today, I can put my hand on my heart to say I have lived as much as I could in the time I have been given. I have consciously tried not to waste my time on meaningless aspects in life. I have spent my time on people and aspects that personally mean a lot to me.


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