“The Universe is very, very big.
It also loves a paradox. For example, it has some extremely strict rules.

Rule number one: Nothing lasts forever.
Not you or your family or your house or your planet or the sun. It is an absolute rule. Therefore when someone says that their love will never die, it means that their love is not real, for everything that is real dies.

Rule number two: Everything lasts forever.”
Craig Ferguson, Between the Bridge and the River

2 Responses to “Paradox”

  1. Well, everything we see is temporal but love is the ONLY thing that does last forever, it’s the only thing we take with us and God is love and He is forever and ever. Always has been, always will be!

  2. vixstar1314 Says:

    Thank you for your reply Reginacg1966
    Yes, love is one of the strongest powers on Earth.

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