Being independent

Being independent has somehow from a very young age been embedded within me. Not really directly by the people around me, more from the surrounding where I grew up in. I felt as in no one truly understood me, to the extent that I learnt to keep everything inside, never really truly discussing stuff with others as such. It was a mixture of not being able to express myself properly, not wanting to bother people and not wanting to show my weakness. Over time it became what I come to know as the “norm” and allowing me to feel comfortable in my own skin. Where I could create a bubble for myself to immense in my own world. Some may say this is lonely but for me it is my comfortable norm now. So much so that I wonder if this will forever be like that for me. I like being in my own bubble, I need to be in it several time a week. Too much of this world and other people makes me feel unbalanced, it gets too much, too claustrophobic, it forces me to observe and confront all the stuff I hate in people and this world. In my own bubble I find peace to neutralize myself again…


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