History – You

You – Your impact on me was so significant. To the point that even today, even now my mind and heart can’t help but float like a soul back to your side. But to the old you, the old me, the old us. Maybe it is because I cannot have you so I wanted it more, you will always be the one that I tried so hard to grab onto even when you had gone. I held onto the love, addiction, obsession, want and memories even as they started to fall out of the grasp of my hand. You will always be the one that dented, cut and wounded me the deepest. But don’t get me wrong I want you but I want the previous you. The you 5-6 years ago. When you was more simple and innocent. Untainted and uncorrupted by life and reality. I guess it doesn’t hurt to imagine, even if it is only for a minutes to go back. To conjure something completely different as a future….


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