Is lost really that bad?

I use to think to lose is the worse feeling of pain. Whether that was someone, an object, a job, myself, money, aims, goals…….Until death came along and became the ultimate ending of everything, the worse pain. Then I learnt to lose isn’t so bad as long as it still existed in this world, it was still alive. It or that person may not be by my side anymore but it still exists/their heart is still beating somewhere. And knowing that mattered a bit more than them no longer existing(death) in this world altogether. Knowing they still existed on Earth gave me a form of comfort however it doesn’t mean there isn’t the pain that is associated with lost. Detachment can only really occur once you have been too attached. You cannot actually detach before this process. However attach and detach is important in life because nothing, nothing nor no one at all is permanent so we have to learn to hold on at times but to release at other times.

To lose you was tough, for a significant period of time I struggled immensely. Over time it became more bearable. Now, however I have reached the stage whereby I understand that us going our separate ways was inevitable. Even though you are no longer by my side, I know that your heart still beats somewhere in this world and for me that is comforting enough. I also have a lot of memories of us, some good and some painful but nevertheless they have now been embedded deep within me. And I cherish that. Lastly your final action to me made me believe in humanity again and restored my faith.


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