My time on Earth

Earth is only a place we temporarily land on for a journey. It is kind of just a long pass by. Eventually we all leave here. Whether that is to heaven, hell, re-incarnation, into the ground… No one actually stays alive on Earth forever. There is no permanent. Learn to “embrace” and also “detach.”

Time is your ticket. There is no return. The clock just ticks and ticks. For some longer than others but sooner or later it stops. Your life clock finishes.

So for your time on Earth live it, let it go by or embrace it. That is really up to you and how you feel is fitting for you. Some want to build themselves or question meaning of life, their purpose, pursue materials, fame, money….

Just remember this: one day you will leave and you will take nothing, no baggage, no money, no assets, no people, nothing! It may hurt initially when you have to let go of aspects and people in life. But for me I remember that I will be completely reborn by God.



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