Do I “Mind” – Cognitive dissonance

Overthinking causes the mind  to torture yourself.

I know my mind is not reliable,

I know that the memories I have are exaggerated and my thoughts add more details to re-create them to keep them alive.

They are no longer real.

The uneasy feeling when you have conflicting thoughts and beliefs is called Cognitive dissonance.

Underneath pain is hurt,

underneath hurt is love.

Life entails many twists,

and turns,

each one is a process we must travel along.

It’s the Catch-22 of depression recovery:

The things that help the most are the things that are the most difficult to do.

There’s a difference, however, between something that’s difficult and something that’s impossible.

cognitive dissonance


Take a temporary escape from reality and enter into a different world. Depending on your interests I would suggest different “escape worlds”.

You can try books, journals, movies, games, music, a long walk…

Whatever allows you to completely zone out for a few hours.

Take that time to allow yourself to relax and stop thinking.

Then after you feel a bit more clear again,

re-approach those questions calmly. Reminding yourself you are not alone and there are always solutions and answers.


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