Choices – are they make or break?

There are crucial moments in life which either end up making or breaking you.

Once again I find myself coming face to face with a few of these again.

They feel so important, yet there are times when I feel so helpless because so much of it is not down to me. They are choices that come from others which will in turn affect me. The weight of these on me are like mountains forced down onto my shoulders. I feel suffocated.

Then there are those that are choices I can make, they are heavy too however knowing I can control and decide them myself makes it much better.

However for me it is very difficult because I am someone who has a million thoughts zooming through my mind at a time, which is actually very exhausting. Not to mention the fact that I find it very hard to express my thoughts and feeling externally and there are times when I severely struggle to even get myself. I find typing helps brings the inner thoughts out easier. The art of free flow and free type is my salvation. Hence why I enjoy blogging so much.

I will leave you with a few choice quotes which I think are correctly portrayed.




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