In Life

In life everyone has secrets. Life itself is full of secrets. Sometimes in life we need to remember that  not everything needs to be revealed, explained or figured out. If we constantly try to answer every question, figure everything out it is virtually impossible. It will render us down to nothing. darkest_nights

I have been “living” life for a while now, I can’t say it has been without its bumps and hurdles. As it goes on I believe I’m learning and understanding new things which are helping to make the road a little easier. I guess I have come to understand that life is a constant battle, and you can’t really “seek happiness” because the more you try the harder it is to live in the moment, your thoughts become clouded and you will always be living in a unbreakable fear of not achieving it or of losing it. I will be frank life is tough! We tend to think that as we get older it will get easier or make more sense. I can tell you now, that is an illusion. No matter what stage you are in life there will always be peaks and falls. This is guaranteed and real. Yes, some people may encounter more or less of these but regardless it is a constant process of life. Furthermore contrary to our own belief at times, we are built to be able to withstand a lot of things. We may think we cannot, however this is likely because we have yet to encounter it. During the toughest moments are when we realize we can stand stronger and taller than usual. God gives us the power to defy the odds. The darkest nights shines the brightest stars. No matter what the sun will shine again, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not the day after but eventually it will. This is because both are the beauty of life and they will rise again, just like you. 




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