Tarot cards

3 cards that was enough to say it all.

I always thought that I would not be “read” by a fortune-teller. The “fear” of hearing the future always seemed like a scary thing. Even though there had been times when I had prayed to God to let me know what my future holds.

Today I happen to cross paths with a tarot reader/fortune-teller. Weary I was, but daring I felt in that moment.

It seemed so simple. Split a pile of cards a few times, each time I had to pick left or right.

tarotEventually he presented me with three cards that held my “fate” in that moment in time.

The sun. (My heart sank when he turned the next card over) Someone sitting on the bed crying, 9 swords.  Knight.

“I see sorrow. You are missing someone. Someone significant in your life. Every night you cry. In Feb/March they will return back into your life. A bit bigger, but they will return.”

First part was shockingly really hard to hear. That moment of realization when someone says something out loud that you thought was hidden deeply. However strangely enough hearing it out loud and clear felt like something had been slightly lifted from my shoulders. It is really hard to explain but there was  a level of release.


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