Before snow falls

Vixstar1314©*short collection of thoughts*


Before snow falls,

it’s delicate. 

Protected by all elements but one.

Eventually no matter what, 

Gravity will pull it down. 

To reality.

To earth.

To hell.

As it hits the ground.

It is forced to change, 

to survive out of its comfort zone,

even if it’s only for a moment… snowfall_now

…before it cease to exist. snowfallsnowfall_tonight


2 Responses to “Before snow falls”

  1. That’s a very sweet? bittersweet? short poem. I like to think that it does exist, just in another form. Maybe one day after many transitions it will form a snowflake again.

  2. vixstar1314 Says:

    Hi Naomi, yes somewhat bittersweet. I like your thinking, and I guess everything in life is a cycle =)

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