I have found no matter how many times I have upgraded idevice onto a new iOS, the process would still make me nervous. Even if the idevice wasn’t mine and it was a director’s or friend’s, the pressure was still so high. Not that I don’t have faith in Apple but the fear of something going terribly wrong lingers. (I have probably done this more than 50+ times). Truth be told most of the times it had been a pretty painless process.

My personal 4 top tips:

– Going back to the previous iOS is not impossible but nor is it an easy process, therefore research the new iOS before you switch and fully commit.

-Ensure you have backed up your idevice. (I also back up the back up)

-Ensure you have an uninterrupted internet connection for at least 2 hours (yes that is how long the whole process “usually” takes to upgrade)

-Be patient. – If it appears that the device has been “stuck” at a step for a long time [leave it – don’t touch it – let it runs its course] If you interrupt it (pull out the cable/close the programme, it will highly likely corrupt it all.

Below are a few interesting articles on the latest iOS7:


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