The fall

The season – the fall – is now upon me.

I am struggling to find my place in the world,

so many things I see around me still causes me to think about you.

It has been months,

And I have tried to let go,

but still so much lingers.  

It has come to a point whereby,

too many things are making me want:

 to run,

to escape,

to hide,

to break everything,

so that I can start again.







They all echo and haunt me.

Writing allows me to feel present and more “alive” so much more than how I feel in reality.

This place is a somewhat “safe” and “definite” hemisphere that I fail to feel in reality.

I am seeing and experiencing,

so much more of my mind and body,

but so far I have yet to be able to control it,

nor fully adapt to it.


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