To most what they read(in the news, in blogs, on websites, in books) is simply a passing story.

This is correct but at the same time to others (in the real stories) it is their life.

It could be much more.

It could be their everything.

It could be their emptiness.

It could be the end.

It can simply be words.

It can mean so much more.

It can mean everything.

It can mean nothing.

I am trying,

trying very hard,

but it refuses to go away.

The thoughts and memories,

continue to haunt me.

Slowly but surely consuming everything inside of me,

I have tried numerous mechanism to counter it,

but with no luck.

All I can see are shadows,

they are dark,

very dark.

Everything that use to matter,

has now vanished for everyone,

but me.

I am left stranded,

your happiness and freedom,

brings me sorrow and reassurance.

The contradiction is immense.

My life started of revolving around you,

then it collapsed around me.

Till the point where I no longer know anything.

The feeling of being lost,

is beyond explanation.

I cannot say,

I cannot understand.


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