Inside the world of someone who has withdrawn from others and society:

I “pen” this down, because speech has never been easy for me.

I find that with every answer I get there are more questions. More unknowns.
It is kind of hard to keep trying to look for stuff that are unanswerable, and to some extent, never will be answered.

I find that often when I am consumed by so much, I go into my own thoughts and world. The term that has been coined for this is no other than: “withdrawn” or “hikikomori.” So much has seem to shattered that I don’t see the light, the darkness overshadows everything, and I can only feel ok when I am alone in my room where others cannot hassle me, where I can go into my own zone, and not have to worry about the outside world which I hate and fear so much. I badly wish that the pieces in my life would fall into place, after trying and holding on for so long. Maybe to go forward I have to completely let go and drop all the pieces to see what happens. To get a better view….



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