As we grow

As we grow up, we start to see more, experience more, accumulate more in our life, we learn more about ourselves. This could be a  blessing or it could be a curse. There are many times when knowing about things ain’t always a good thing.

I come to realize that I am an observer of life.  There is so much going on around me, yet I feel as if I am invisible. I see and notice so many details around me, yet I am like a floating ghost to others. I must admit there are many times when I prefer it this way however sometimes I feel very cold and lonely. To see people going about with their life, feels like energy is being drained out from me. I find it to be a big contradiction,  half of me prefers it this way the other half of me hates it so much. I look at life and the complexity of it and the complexity of it in my mind is brutal, far too often it leaves me feeling so lost. I wonder if anyone out there understands or has similar thoughts……….



2 Responses to “As we grow”

  1. There are times I just sit down at the mall and watch all the people running round and I think to myself, “Slow down sillies. Today might be your last day.” And then I get up and start running around with them. 😛

  2. vixstar1314 Says:

    @ground000 thanks for your comment. I know that feeling too well. I guess the busy life that revolves around us,demands us to rush around a lot. At the very least once in a while try to slow down and look around

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