People and Me

The story of the person who was not suppose to be born into this time and age.

Generally speaking you should not let people influence you. But somehow they still do, because the truth is, in life we cannot help being associated to other people. No matter how much we try, therefore as a result some will bring out the best in you, some will bring out the worse in you, some will use you, some will change you, some will teach you, some will love you, some will be with you forever, some will break you, some will not matter.

I often find myself  feeling like I am in a different hemisphere, not really being present around people but zoning out and my mind enters into a different universe. I wonder what had happened to me. How and when I had begun to start losing myself. When had I lost control of my mind and uncontrollably just let my mind escape this world at its own free will because of the continuous pain and confusion. I cannot explain why, I know I am doing it but I cannot help recoiling into my shell. I feel a bit safer and comfortable when there are no people. I am not too sure why.

It’s strange how something can mean so many different things depending on how you feel.

Something like the night, can seem so peaceful when you focus just on that moment in time, but when you are in the night thinking about the day time it can feel so daunting.

Something like the sky. When you are sitting with friends in the park staring up at it you feel so calm.

When you are alone staring up at the sky you feel so lonely.


Tomorrow: I hope. I find. I say to myself:

“No one can go back and start a new beginning but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson


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