Today I

Today I suddenly stopped and wondered what life would have been like had I not met certain people….. How my life would be completely different. I pondered whether it would have been better or worse. Of course there were no answers to these…Maybe in the parallel universe life is very different for me. But here I am currently just “fine”. Last night, you entered into my dreams. I know that dreams reveal feelings we’ve hidden or repressed but dreams/nightmares echo them out and magnify it into our brain like a movie we cannot escape. My brain and heart constantly thinks of you, I am consumed by it even though I know it is stupid and pointless because deep down I know that you are really unlike to think about me, nor will I cross your mind, let alone your heart. dreams and nightmaresWhen reality is too painful so you throw yourself into sleep to escape but even so dreams haunt you, but it is at a stage that even dreams and nightmare are better than reality. Sleep on. Let those sleep waves work its magic. Let reality quietly only whispers its existence. Let it all become a hypnotizing game.




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