If only you knew…

     If only you knew how many nights I stare up at the night sky thinking of you.

       When the stars are present,

it brings me calm as I feel as if they are looking over you

and protecting you from the darkness of the night sky.

When the moon is glowing brightly,

I feel at peace,

knowing it’s shinning some light onto you.

When the sky is dark,

I feel a sense of lost,

as I remember you are not here.

The truth is many nights,

the moon,

the stars

are nowhere to be seen,

but I continue to stare up at the darkness.

In those quiet moments,

my thoughts ask:

How can I miss someone who I don’t really know and who barely knows me?

However who can say what is in store for any of us……



“When he shall die cut him up into little stars. so that all the world be in love with night”


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