To Live

I happened to come across an article that caught my attention:

This article prompted me to share some thoughts about “continuing to live on, especially through struggles.” It is true that you have to live your own life, it is your responsibility to make choices that you believe in, because at the end of the day only you can truly judge your actions and face the results. However even though we are all our own entity, we co-exist in a world together with others. Some become deeply embedded into our life. We live for ourselves, but we also live for others that we care about and those that care about us. We live to see and share each others future. We live to be there for them. Everything merges together, be it opposites, similarity, elements, people, actions, they all connect or collide at some point….Even water collides with fire.

Yes the world is massive, and most of us  only play a very small part in this massive world. If you are a chess player than see it as we are all only a small piece in a big game. You may feel at times that your existence is not that important. This may seem true a lot of the time, however if you divide and look at it parts by parts then the “players” in smaller groups become more vital within each sector. Without your existence, some people will feel the effect. So remember this:

when you are struggling,

when you don’t feel important,

when you want to give up,

when you can’t imagine your own future, 

when you feel small,

stop and remember that somewhere out there, people do care for your existence. They may know it, or they may not know it yet but in this massive world, you do matter, you are a piece of it for a reason, God has given you a purpose, you are connected one way or another. You need to play on, continue on to see it.  



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