Don’t paint life with one brush nor one color. This will never be possible because the depth of life is extensive. Reality is complicated. No matter how you try to tackle it. No matter how simplify you try to make your views. You end up getting caught in one thing or another, but only you know your own life.who_are_you_to_judge_me

However for reasons I don’t understand, there are parts of me which are deeply troubled and for that very reason I am broken. But I am slowly accepting that it’s alright to not know all the answers in my own life and especially in life itself. I have been reminded to implement the technique of once in a while to look into my own heart, and if I find nothing wrong there, what is there to worry about!?  What is there to fear?!

Ideally everyone wants to be happy but truth is we go through phases, some longer and rockier than others. So stand firm, remember God gives you the power so that you can continue on regardless of whatever happens, time will weaken the issues, it will not disappear but it will get a bit easier.





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