The girl asked: “Where am I”


This is the poem of the girl who asked herself:

“Where am I?”

“Here I find myself again,


not sure who I am,

where I am.

I don’t fall easily but when I do it cuts deep,

it’s like there are constant invisible incisions,

and the wounds are virtually impossible to heal.

I have been drained of so much inner strength,

that I feel dizzy and almost lost.

I know that  the beauty of being lost,

is to be found,

and to truly discover oneself again.

Yet it feels like I have been lost for too long,

that it’s barely possible to be found.

Suddenly I see a light,

I reach out,

and he tells me you are by my side.

I look closer and see my soul,

walking beside my soul is God.

The light gets brighter.

Is this a dream or is this real?”



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