These Memories

Memories can hurt so much. It is what remains when people leave, times passes, scars fade… When changes happen in life, we are left with the memories of the past that refuse to leave our brain. The good times and the bad times live on within our mind long after the events have disappeared into thin air. There are times when I deeply wish that the rain could wash away the memories like it washes away so much on the streets.

rain_puddleEvery droplet of rain I see hitting the street, feels like another thread of memory smashing into my brain. My head feels like it is about to explode and everything from  now onwards has become something of a blur.



Memories are elements we treasure because it lets us see the past we cannot have or hold onto, yet at the same time it is cruel because it causes us pain within. The video clipped below found on youtube helps to describe when memory takes us up high up but can also cause us to go low. 


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