I really do not believe that I should have to justify my actions to people who firstly barely know anything about who I am nor me and secondly who I don’t care about. Yet far too often I am forced into this corner because the way life and society is and what is perceived as the “norm” makes us have to do it, otherwise we are unable to “survive” in this “world” and “reality”

I personally feel that I have become more absorbed in my own mind, finding a dimension in there which is much better than this “reality”  Is it wrong? I really no longer know! Should I leave? I believe without it I would lose even more of myself but getting more and more absorbed into it causes the gap to wider between me and reality.


2 Responses to “Justification”

  1. I think sometimes it’s okay to escape from reality a bit. I mean, scientifically, people who don’t have REM sleep dreams have hallucinations during daytime to make up for it. So dreams or imagination must be needed to balance out reality 🙂

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