Happy 5th Anniversary

Wow, so its been 5th years since I started this blog. I had not realized until I logged in today and saw this message from the wonderful WordPress:

Happy 5th AnniversaryanniversaryI can’t believe it has been 5 years!!! Today seemed to  be a day of reflection – but so much has not been the ideal reflection. I have come to realized that a lot has felt like I have just been going round in a circle. Back and forth. Yes I have experienced other good stuff but lots of the vital stuff in life have appeared to somehow just repeated itself. Without me noticing. Had I not changed enough? Had I not been strong enough? I must admit to myself I had truly not expected a lot of this, but when do we ever. I promise myself something will change…

To be honest when I started this blog 5 years ago I thought it may be a temporary thing, however as time went by it became more than that. It became part of me, and I became a part of it. We seem to merge into one. I foresee that I will continue on with this.


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