Constant Battle between Perfection and Flaws

The constant battle in life that we encounter of perfection and flaws is accurately portrayed by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel of:

“The Great Gatsby”

We all deep down crave to live a life of happiness and try to continuously do so by being optimistic and trying to see the whole world in a more simple light. We try like Jay Gatsby to see life as goodness and with hope, so we try to ignore the darkness of reality and the corruption that constantly circulates in this world.

However reality is that no matter how hard we try this world is deeply flawed just like we are. There is just too much dark and complex problems generated in this world. Even if you try to not get involved or see it in a better light. It will eventually either absorb you into the darkness and you conform with it, or it will destroy you. This is shown by the character Jay Gatz/Jay Gatsby.

One of numerous reasons why this novel has lived on for so long and continued to be a top classic novel is because it is so true and even after years the concepts still apply.



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