Dreams, Words, People.

Only a few get me, but they are actually only scratching the surface, how comes? Because I am too shattered within. When I try to speak I find that I am not sure at all how to put it into words, it does not come out the way my mind/heart actually wants it to. It has now been like this for so long that I think it has gotten worse. It is like there are two of me and I can barely control and combine them together. It is split. I feel that it is so similar but yet so different at the same time

I write to process the thinking, to understand and I have come to realize this is part of my characteristic it’s the way I have been created. To write is somewhat easier than to speak.

I can’t really explain… Staring into space hoping to find the right words or answers…but never really do.
When I lost you was when I lost the ability to live without darkness, to breathe with ease, there is now forever a part in my heart that howls into the dark empty hollowness within that which tries to continue pumping blood through an almost empty outer human shell. The events with you provided the catalyst that would ultimately cause spirals, but the closing thought for this post is as follows:

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