Work of Vixstar1314©I write for no particular reason or maybe I write because of too many reasons that I cannot narrow down to just a few reasons. Either way I like the idea of being able to recollect my thoughts, feelings, memories, ideas and place them somewhere other than in my head and its  nice to know I can put it somewhere out there in this world.  The truth is, even if no one reads it I will still continue. I guess as there are times when writing lets me feel therapeutic. Then there are times when it makes me feel angry. The combination varies and changes with each day that I go through. I guess there is also a part of me that thinks its special knowing that others may experience and understand some of the feelings. Or may be able to get something out of my writings, poems, thoughts….

Everyone has their own opinions of writing and what they would classify as good, bad, interesting, boring, powerful, dull…… Here are a few reasons I personally think makes good writing:

-if it keeps you reading

-makes you think

-enables you to feel

-takes you into a different world

– teaches you

I could go on but we would be here forever.

Let me try to put in words what I think writing does to me – well it enables me to find and discover more, lets me escape, pass on thoughts, I feel that sometimes I don’t want to speak but that by no means should stop me from having tons of thoughts running in my mind, and writing relieves myself in words that does not flow out in my speech.

Thoughts by thoughts. Ideas by ideas, words by words, events by events go from mind to text.

After the above writing I feel its only right to write down some deeper thoughts.

The world collects my words,

without realising at times it is also collecting my heartache.

It’s painful when I am ignored or there is a big distance,

between me and the one person thats attention means the world to me.

So many nights I had wish it would become easier,

physically we are miles apart,

however for me mentally you are too close,

you have settled in my heart.

My heart has shattered,

never being able to be replaced,

I wish you knew.

Hiding from you,

not daring to reach out at all.

I am not clear anymore,

nor do I really understand.

The day is dark,

the night is hollow.

My thoughts are out of control.

Comfort is in sleep.

You are like snow,

constantly melting within me,

I am never able to completely hold you.

How do I stop these feelings,

these memories are living and breathing inside of me.

I have used so much effort,

to get the snow that will never last.

Using memories to conjure what is now a joke.

You can rise,

and I will continue to fall and break.

I have exposed myself too many times to fire,

and know that the closer I get to it,

the more I will get burned,

yet the memories live on like burning flames all inside of me.

Tragic situation of right and right.

       Those feelings I can never truly explain.


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