Those feelings…

Because I am God’s child so I have feelings, some high some low…….
Those feelings varies: –

There are times when I see things that makes my heart feels like it’s being squeezed until I struggle to breathe. It’s like somehow oxygen and energy is taken out of me and the door has been closed where the light has been taken out of parts of my heart. As it feels like the only fix is that which had extinguished it in the first place. It feels likes it’s all suppose to be united as one, yet I know this is not the case and will not be the case, no matter how much I want it all to be as so. If I look again I know what I want will not be that of reality. So I look again and try to slowly let it go.

There are times when everything around me becomes blurry, when I become absorbed into the moment, in the music, into nature, into the universe. Suddenly it’s like my soul has existed my body, where I feel really light. To the extent that for a moment or two the noises around me becomes blocked out, and I feel very light. Where there are no problems, troubles, worries and I feel at peace. When the world becomes a much simpler and lighter place, where the fast paced trivial factors that we encounter in everyday life evaporates. This is when I feel God’s present closer than ever. Even though it takes me “away from Earth” it actually takes me deeper into the universe.


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