F&F – Fall & Fly

There is a well-known saying “The lower you fall, the higher you’ll fly” this sounds quite crazy and risky.

Some may wonder if you have fallen so low maybe you cannot find the strength to rise again and fly. I am not going to lie to you but this is true. There may be times when you have fallen so many times that you are tired. You want to give up.

Remember this is ok, everyone needs to break down sometimes, everyone needs to rest from time to time. Don’t be too hard on yourself, give yourself that break. Just don’t get stuck in the routine for too long.

After you have had the rest, remind yourself that there is much more in life worth living for. Give yourself that strength, the boost to fly again.

In everyday life, far too often we become fixated on the routines and pressure of society that we forget the simple aspects of life. This in turn causes us to spiral into the darkness of thoughts in our head.  We can be our own enemy, don’t do this to yourself. God drops you down sometimes so that you can see the earth from a lower level, learn from it, so that you can go up and see the world from that level. Each level regardless of low or high, the view is different and the meaning is different. In life we need to be exposured to many levels for various reasons. Try to embrace it…..


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