The night = A cat’s life compared to mine

Work of Vixstar1314©

“As you wonder into the night,

and your four paws taps gently,

upon every step you take.


As I walk along,

staring up at the night sky,

suddenly we each notice each other’s presence. 

I feel as if you have disturbed my thoughts,

you feel as if I have walked into your night.

But we both,

politely accept that we will not harm each other, 

but instead keep each other company for a few minutes.

Sometimes, I yearn to be you,

to own the street. 


I look up at the darkness,

trying to search for the stars.

If I continue to wonder and wait,

my heart will sink into a back hole,

if I wait in the rain for you,

would you ever come?

I want to let go,

but can’t because you& I (we) gave me so much to hold on to,

Almost like it was for eternity

I wait.. I wait for eternity.

I wish we could go back.


Deeper into the night,

when all is still,

my mind falls again,

but deep into a sub conscious state, 

dreams conjure around my brain.

My mind says please don’t leave tonight,

the dreams keep me warm and going.

Memories I treasure,

yet they painfully dig into my mind and heart like a knife.

In this cold night,

I still cannot see clearly.


I wonder what you are thinking about Cat, 

as you stroll around into the night.”


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