Ironic is a curse in a blessing

So much around and within us are ironic.

When we are face with sadness this is when we realize what happiness was and is…. When we are flooded with noise, we appreciate silence.

To care for people, you notice that time passes, so much changes, but they are still the reason that your smile is pure and real. They are far from perfect, but in your heart they are perfect, even when they cause you pain. It is then in absence that you value the presence you had together.

It’s ironic how we often give advice to others but are stuck in our own boxed mind when it comes to our own problems. It’s not easy, but we have to remember to improvise in our life, we acknowledge that so much is unexpected but we have to learn to embrace and live. The trials, challenges and struggles are there to give us fear but above all strength. It causes us to build something stronger within, the tests that God presents us in life, on first glaze are a curse but after we tackle it we learn and develop and see that it was actually a blessing in disguise, we just have to learn to patient.


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