Possible or Not?

What is possible and what is not?

There is a place in this world, where anything and everything is possible! Can you guess where this is?

The answer my friend is not blowing in the wind but is in movies.

Movies have shown and taught people many things:

Go against the norm.  Follow the heart, you may question if it is right or wrong? The answer is nothing is guaranteed, nothing is certain. At the very least you acknowledge with yourself that you dared to go for it, followed your heart. If they become “mistakes”. Then so be it, mistakes are the foundation of lessons, developing and success.

Movies have the ability to create everything. From an amazing unimaginable world, where anything and everything is possible. To real life stories, to repeating history, to what the future may entail… The possibilities are endless. This is essentially the pure beauty of it, the depth of it is limitless, the stories are virtually anything is possible or depending on the movie it may be impossible in that movie.

The ability of movies allows us to be transported to worlds in and out of that in which we live in. It has the power to live on for decades, centuries – way past the actors and actresses, and audience that has viewed it. You may say it is immortal.

Life is not really a movie, because it is not on the same level, I presume this is why everyone is a fan of movies because it gives us something reality does not at times.

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