Lifecycle of a business is like an lifecycle of our own life. There are up’s and down’s throughout life. It’s all a rollercoaster

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You can’t help but watch in amazement at the hyper growth of many recent consumer internet companies. And now, just as quickly, the speed at which some are plateauing, or even declining, is just as striking.

The theory folks are kicking around in tech circles is these companies are reaching market saturation faster than ever due to viral channels (read: facebook). Their growth then slows (or even reverses).  Net: they’re moving through the typical lifecycle of a business at an accelerated rate


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The x-axis is now super compressed. Time is flying by. These folks end up in the decline and the subsequent fork in the road – rebirth or death – extraordinarily fast.

This poses an interesting new challenge: navigating the Innovator’s Dilemma at an accelerated rate.

For a company to achieve rebirth, it often has to invent a new line of business. This process…

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