At first glance at the newspaper I thought this was from a movie….But this is real!!! It is not happening on our door steps, it is not happening in our country but it is happening in our world today. It’s shocking how the world can stand back and watch( well not exactly because we have almost lost contact with what is happening within Syria, which if anything, makes it all the more worrying)

As much as they say each country has it’s own politics, and how other countries cannot “interfere” as such. What happened to the pure and simple “right” and “wrong”  Unfortunately we live in a world of complexity.

Scores upon scores of people have been sarcificed and died, some will never be accounted for. It is just not fair.

When will this stop. When will the most vulnerable be protected? History teaches a lot has changed but war and suffering will exist. 

Please take a moment to think and pray for the world we are living in, and hope for more peace.



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