When it hits

I come to realize so much is not what it seems, not what you have hoped for. Reality hits and kicks you, it wakes you up. As much as you try to do that which is right, you would be tormented by people, by society, by the brutal facts of life – there will always be good and evil, there is no happily ever after, as everything will end. We all start life so hopeful, when our little heart and face see’s the wonders of this world, but as we grow up these begin to get dashed, we get bruised by reality, people, situations, we learn that this is the way of life, the fact that even if we don’t want to, we have to live and deal with it. Just like as the day after the rain and storm, comes the sun and the bright lights. The cycle that trickles around and within us.

The reality that far too often there are so much within yourself that you cannot control, your feelings, your fear, your anger… You can try really hard but to some extent the truth is.. It really is out of your hand. We are likely to be liable to fall back on our personality, it ends up shaping us too much.


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