I ♥ Google

Google has changed our life. At our finger tips a search on google renders results in milliseconds, before our brain can even think of the possible results, it is effortlessly presented before us.

It has even been as successful as coining the term “google” it. Even though there are other search engines, none have been able to match that of google. You rarely if ever have heard anyone say “bing” it.

It is the smartest 13-year-old ever!! The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

However like all technology it is not immune, there will always be threats and competitions. If it is able to be one step ahead of its competitors and predict the market. Or produce even better resources that even the market did not know that they wanted until it was introduced to them then it would have won! For technology to survive it has to constantly adapt and innovate with that of society and markets. They need to constantly develop and change just as the world changes constantly. Without this key it will eventually die out.

  I still believe Google has it still, and highly likely for quite a few more years to come.


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